Changing the World One Person at a Time by Psychic Clare

Published Date 1/31/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

More people than ever before are engaged in spiritual practice

Why should we be impressed with ancient prophesies and signs ushering in a new age of peace and prosperity?

Here we are in the New Year 2013, after the world was supposed to end on 12/21/12.  Based on the various prophecies, it would seem that our option at that juncture was either total annihilation, or transformation:  a paradigm shift, the dawn of a new and brighter day for humanity!
Or, it could just be a bunch of nonsense.  As I look around at the state of the world, on the surface I do not really see evidence of higher consciousness.  On the contrary, things are quite a mess.   There is blatant evil in the world and people are oppressed and suffering, and species are going extinct.  We may even be on the brink of ecological disaster.  Some would argue that the current state of affairs is part of a purification process, in that things must get worse before they get better, and that this also was predicted.

At the same time, however, I perceive something else:  I can feel the positive spiritual energy of so many, many people all over the globe joined together in prayer and meditation, with the sincere intent of raising consciousness, of making the world a better place!  More people than ever before in modern history are seriously involved in spiritual practices, sending out their good energy into the world and doing what needs to be done on a practical level day by day, touching the lives of everyone around them.

As for me, I don’t know if the prophecies are truth or myth, but I choose to live as if they are true!  We may not be able to change the world but we can change ourselves and bring peace, love and harmony to our own little corner of the world.  As more and more people do this, maybe we can create the enlightened age predicted by the prophecies.

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