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Published Date 7/2/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

The right mindset makes a world of difference in your positivity.

Too many times we settle for the wrong person.  We have programmed our minds to believe the following untruths:

- I will never find anyone else
- I am getting older and need to settle down
- I will not be rejected, no matter how bad he is for me
- I will probably never meet anyone better
- This is all I can get, so might as well make it happen
- I will wait until he leaves the other person

Today is the day to break free from all the negative stories you have fed yourself.  Today start fresh! Reprogram yourself to deserve the very best.  You really do deserve it!

Start with positive affirmations and say them every day.  Visualize the perfect partner coming your way!  The spoken word, combined with visualization, is a powerful way to change the negative into something great. Or even make some up yourself. 

-I am open to receiving the best in a relationship!
-I deserve to be happy and loved!
-I know the Universe is working to send the perfect partner to me!
-I attract positive, loving people to me!
-I am a strong magnet for positive, healthy love!
-I am ready to meet my soul mate!

By changing your thoughts and words, you can have the relationship you have always wanted!  Speak it, see it, and believe it!


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