Change your Behavior - Get a New Outlook!

Published Date 8/24/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

If only things would change, our attitude would be better!

So we want to change ourselves and overcome bad habits.  We want a new outlook, a more positive approach to life’s many challenges.  Sometimes it feels like we are stuck in a rut.  If only things would change, our attitude would be better!  But, it’s difficult to have the courage and motivation to change, when we have a bad attitude.  So it can be a vicious circle.  To get out of this situation we need to take a step back from our turbulent emotions and the self-criticism that often accompanies them.  The way to do this is by using our movement and breathing exercise on a regular daily basis!

The yogis in ancient India knew the very profound secret that by controlling our breath, we can calm our mind.  This is crucial.  Once the mind is calm and we are at peace in the center of our being – accepting oneself just as we are, here and now – we can then be truly open to change.  Suddenly it becomes clear that all the pain and chaos we have experienced has served to bring us to this place where we are ready for new growth!  This certainly puts things in perspective. 

Being negative takes a lot of energy.  Being freed up from the negativity releases that energy to be put into positive steps that we can take to change our life.  We can start by replacing one unhealthy habit with a beneficial habit, which feels good and gives us increased confidence and motivation to take the next step.  It can be something small, like having a piece of fruit instead of a donut for breakfast, and this one little victory gets our karma (essentially, “the result of our actions”) rolling in the right direction.  This good karma then has a momentum of its own!  But let’s not forget our morning yoga/meditation practice so we start every day fresh, centered, and open to change.

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