Celebrities Who Use Psychics: Nancy Reagan

Published Date 4/29/2016
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Public figures like Nancy Reagan often use psychics to help them divine the future.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who sadly passed away in March 2016, lived a full life that included eight years in the White House with husband Ronald Reagan. Although Reagan's career as an actress and a first lady has received widespread attention, many do not know that she nurtured a lifelong fascination with the supernatural and that she frequently consulted an astrologer.

Nancy Reagan's Input on the President's Schedule

Many political journalists and correspondents have commented that Reagan took an active role in planning her husband's schedule. She frequently offered her input when it came to organizing meetings, speeches, and events, according to the New York Times. The Times also notes that she turned to her astrologer, Joan Quigley, for guidance.

Reagan wanted to know how the stars would impact her decisions. If favorable astrological portents indicated a possible course of action, she relayed that knowledge to the president and his advisors. She might also have used psychic readings to maintain her equilibrium as a public figure. The Times reports that she often considered her husband's schedule too full and requested more downtime for him.

Both Reagans Consulted the Stars

Nancy wasn't the only Reagan to look to the stars for guidance. According to the Washington Post, Ronald Reagan not only relied on psychic advice, but also flirted with the possibility of alien intelligence. The Reagans appear to have been open-minded individuals with a thirst for knowledge, particularly when it came to the supernatural.

The Post reports that Quigley, the Reagans' astrologist, devoted her life to political astrology. She commented in her book that Ronald Reagan boasted a particularly impressive horoscope, noting that "his stars are very lucky for a country." Additionally, other presidents and their wives, such as the Hardings, consulted astrologists and psychics from time to time.

The Extent of the Reagans' Psychic Lives Might Never Be Known

Public figures learn quickly to keep their private lives hidden from public view. Reagan mentioned Quigley in his memoirs but did not openly admit to using her guidance. However, Nancy Reagan kept Quigley on retainer and consulted her often. Reports indicate that Quigley warned Nancy and Ronald Reagan about potential calamity just before the president was shot in the 1980s.

Some believe that the Reagans' reputations would have suffered damage if the full extent of their psychic lives had been revealed, especially during their White House years. Others, however, disagree, believing instead that astrology and psychic interest pervades American culture.

Nancy Reagan Treasured Her Daily Horoscope

Astrology doesn't have to inform every aspect of your life, but it can serve as a warm reminder that other forces exist in the universe. The Times reports that Nancy Reagan particularly enjoyed reading her daily horoscope. It appears that political animals don't have to eschew psychic guidance.

Nancy Reagan is just one celebrity who used psychics throughout her lifetime. While other public figures might pursue different types of divination — such as tarot readings or visits to mediums — it's clear that such pastimes have become permanently woven into our nation's fabric.


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