Can You Change Your Karma?

Published Date 6/27/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Your choices determine the path you take.

Though you might have a sense of what karma is, some people consider it an aggressive force. This negative idea views karma as putting people on a specific path, no matter what you do to change it. However, there are many ways we can change our karma, for better or worse.

Understanding Karma

Though karma looms as an aggressive, even negative force in some people’s minds, it actually goes far beyond assigning blame. Karma means every action you take is a cause that results in an effect that comes from that action. Karma is not an inherently negative force. In fact, it is neutral, something that just exists as a structural element of everyone’s life.

Karma is not about being beholden to its wrath. Instead, think of it as sowing the seeds to your future. Consider what you want to create in your life. If you want happiness, you need to sow the seeds of happiness. Likewise, if you want harmony in relationships and other aspects of your life, you need to learn to sow seeds of peace.

How Do Our Choices Influence Karma?

Understanding and then maximizing how you use karmic law comes from becoming consciously aware of each choice you make. Life is a set of choices, though some are conscious and others are unconscious. When you learn to be aware of the choices you are making, you can take control over how you make choices and take action, in turn influencing karmic law to create what you want in your life. Speaking with a live phone psychic can help guide you as you start this process. Then you can start making choices consciously, leading to the result you want.

The idea of choice is key to karma because everything you’re currently experiencing is a direct result of a choice you made previously. Past choices manifest in present circumstances. You experience the results in the environment around you, your relationship to your body, and how you understand relationships with others. Indeed, sometimes the present is surprising, and it’s not automatically clear how you chose the result. Karma helps you understand this.

Moving Towards a Better Karmic Path

One mistake people often make when thinking about karma is equating it with a fixed destiny. Tendencies do build up, locking you into a specific set of behaviors. This, in turn, leads to a further build-up of similar tendencies, so it is easy to get stuck in your karma while thinking the cause lies outside of you. Past life readings can even help you see how this path began. And once you understand your patterns, it’s always possible to make new karma.

Instead of feeling helpless against a predetermined destiny, use karma as a tool to positively affect your life, no matter your age. Karma is not restricted by space or time, so you can influence your path at any time of your life. It starts by simply becoming conscious of the choices you make.

Karma shouldn’t be a negative idea. By making conscious choices, we can steer our karma for the better.

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