Calm Your Mind by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 3/26/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Find an activity that promotes positive thought patterns.

If you ask me, life is like a roller coaster!

It’s constantly rising and falling, and can be twisted upside-down unexpectedly at any time. When life starts to become stressful, worry kicks in, which can be emotionally and energetically draining. This creates negative thought pattern, which will only bring more negativity in your life.

So how do you change that to a positive thought pattern?

One of our biggest needs is a calm mind. Find a hobby that fits you. Moving meditation keeps you busy enough to keep your mind clear, and will provide the positive energy you need during rough times. The same principle is used by Buddhists when chanting mantras to maintain focus in meditation. With a clear head, you are sending positive energy out into the universe which will return back to your life.

The hardest part is finding a hobby that fits your needs, as well as something you enjoy. You don’t want a hobby you get easily bored with or give up after so long. Find something you will reap the benefits from when you reach the end result. Think about your needs! Are you exhausted after work and head straight for “nap time” for more energy? Then you would benefit from an active hobby such as cardio classes, martial arts, yoga etc.

Or do you sit to watch television, but end up worrying and over-thinking instead?  Then you would benefit from reading, knitting, or an artistic hobby. Keeping yourself challenged while still enjoying an activity is vital when it comes to relaxing your mind.

There are so many hobbies to choose from! Scrapbooking, gardening, writing, arts and crafts, exercising, cooking/baking, cleaning, drawing, coloring in coloring books, making jewelry, sewing/knitting... the list goes on and on.

It’s all a matter of finding something that is enjoyable and benefits you. If you get bored and give up on it, move to a hobby you have never tried. Being open and trying new things could even help you to find a new skill or talent, which will also build your confidence.  Namaste! 
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