Busting Out of Your Belief Bubble by Psychic MaryJane

Date 8/16/2021

Repeat "What I Desire I Can Acquire" to help you bust out of belief bubble.

Repeat "What I Desire I Can Acquire" to help you bust out of belief bubble.

The thing about bubbles is this - you are not AWARE of being in the bubble. The moment you are AWARE is the first step to popping that bubble! Imagine that you are in handcuffs. No matter what you try to do, you are held back by the limiting and uncomfortable shackles. Now what if you had the key? (Spoiler Alert -You DO have the key!)

Let's look at some specifics.

Starting from a very young age, we are observing the belief systems of those around us. We internalize and we put these shackles in place. Many variables (culture, religion, family, etc.) play a part in this. We won't go into that here but simply say that the limiting beliefs are invisible shackles. 

What I Desire I Can Acquire

Here is what I do now. The minute I sense a thought "I am not good enough" I replace it with this "What I desire I can acquire". Then I smile and nod my head. I know that seems silly, but I do it, even when I am in bed about to fall asleep!

No matter what situation I am in, I do this. I am taking the key and unlocking the shackle that prevents me from my desires. The desires that I (and YOU) have every right of achieving!

Here are some examples of thoughts to avoid:

I can't…

I am not…

I could never…

I am too afraid…

I don't deserve…

I don't have…

STOP! Listen to the voice in your head, listen to things that you say to yourself (and even out loud to others) and then state “WHAT I DESIRE I CAN ACQUIRE.”

Sounds too simple to work, right? I implore you to try it. My life is a testimony of busting my belief systems! It is scientifically proven that the power of our thoughts can change our experiences. The repetition and awareness can open new doors in our subconscious and bring us into "OUR POWER". Specifically, our power to step out into the world where we are shackle free from these awful snarky self-imposed limitations!

So, here is recap of how I work on this.

Don't Let Anyone Damper Your Desires

Write “WHAT I DESIRE I CAN ACQUIRE” on a piece of paper. Place it by where you work. Take a picture and make it your phone screensaver. Repeat it before you write that email, apply for that job, walk into a meeting, reach out to someone on a dating site, look up a new diet plan, schedule a time to work out, and think about your dreams.

The more details the better! Help your manifestations with visual images! What I desire I can acquire. What I desire I can acquire!

One final note. Do not let anyone damper your desires. If you have to keep them to yourself then do that. I find that works better for me. Do however spread the word. Help others to bust their belief bubbles and unshackle themselves.

I cheer you on.  Smiles and nods head. 

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MaryJane is a psychic medium who became friends with the cards in 1992. Desperate for information, she drove to libraries and bookstores reading everything she could get her hands on. Nowadays, she smiles at the plethora of information available on the internet and is very glad for it. She has been helping people through her gifts for almost 3 decades. In addition to her soul purpose work, she is a grief facilitator for new widows, a hospice volunteer and a lover of life! She wants everyone to live their best life (and unshackle those limiting beliefs).


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