Born Again: 5 Dreams That Signify Rebirth

Published Date 4/17/2015
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Dreams of rebirth can show you coming change

If you're looking for signs of rebirth in your dreams, there are many symbols that can lead you in that direction. Different aspects of the natural world, like seeds or certain animals, signify that a part of your life will be reborn. Here are five common dreams that people have when renewal is on the horizon.


In the real world, seeds are a symbol of rebirth as they are the first stage of new life and growth each year. So, too, do seeds represent rebirth in dreams. A seed or seeds signify your capacity to seed both your present and future. You need to find the ability to plant these seeds, and then take a few moments every day tending to their growth.


Though seeds may feel like an obvious sign of rebirth, snakes aren't the first thing that come to mind. However, snakes present in your dreams represent shedding old skin. Snakes regularly shed their skins and continue to survive. Renewal means you can keep moving forward on your path, and so snakes appear as dream guides for you. In your dream, take on the power of the snake to ask what knowledge of rebirth the snake has to share. Phone psychics also shed light on this.


Another animal that represents rebirth in dreams is the bird. Often it will be a bird that drops the seed near you to remind you of your hopes, desires, and aspirations. When you come across birds in your dream, follow and fly with them as your future is about to start.


Babies are a typical theme of dreams that call for rebirth. Common baby dreams include forgetting to feed a baby, forgetting that you have a baby, and suddenly needing to take care of another's baby. Often, baby dreams are about bringing back an idea that you've forgotten.

Moms who have kids old enough to take care of themselves often start to dream of babies. These dreams don't necessarily mean that a mom experiencing empty nest syndrome wants to care for new children. In fact, the dreams more likely represent a need to re-engage with creativity or work that the mom put aside when she started raising her children.

Babies are a common theme in dreams for women who feel they put their own lives on hold to raise their children. The suppressed creativity is many times unrelated to raising kids, so these baby dreams can serve as a wake-up call to remember the earliest stages of a once-loved idea put on hold. 


Eggs are symbols of new life in countless culture. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that dreams of eggs can signify your own rebirth. Something new will hatch for you very soon. A dream analyzer will help find what awaits you. A dream of eggs can have you revisiting the cosmos' origins too.

Whether you're dreaming of seeds or eggs, snakes, birds, or babies, your dreams represent themes of rebirth. Look out for these themes and symbols occurring in your dreams to know when change and renewal is on the way.


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