Be Proactive About Your Midlife Crisis

Published Date 4/22/2013
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Be Proactive About Your Mid-Life Crisis

While midlife crises might seem male-oriented, the fact of the matter is that females are susceptible to these periods in their lives as well. "The Afternoon of Life," as Carl Jung called it, can kick in between the ages of 35 and 55, according to The Daily Telegraph. More specifically, women might not even realize that they're going through this period until another person brings their attitudes to attention.

Are you having a midlife crisis?
Some of the symptoms of this period may be similar to what men experience. For instance, you might suddenly feel like you haven't had any success in your life thus far and may be disappointed in yourself, according to The Huffington Post. Additionally, you may start to feel more self-conscious around people, whether you're around friends or at the office. It's these types of negative emotions that can eventually evolve into a full-blown crisis. If your loved ones have brought up a noticeable change in your outlook on life, take a few moments to consider their words.

Another common symptom that individuals experience while going through a crisis is the urge to stay young. For example, many men often turn to hair dye and motorcycles to make themselves seem more youthful. However, this feeling is something that women deal with as well during a crisis. Be mindful of any tendencies you may feel to hold on to an interest or hobby from your youth.

Handle your crisis today
There's no sense in allowing your crisis to linger if you can take matters into your own hands. That being said, there are a few ways you can dig yourself out of this hole and get back to your daily life. Everyday Health recommends making a valiant effort to look on the bright side. Even if you aren't naturally an optimist, doing so may be able to help you change your attitude for the better. Once you start thinking more positively, you can work on taking your time when it comes to making decisions.

Midlife crises are all about making mistakes and split decisions, many of which can lead to negative consequences. Until you effectively defeat your crisis, try your best to maintain control of the situation by avoiding these types of instances. Consider enlisting the help of your spouse or other loved ones when you need to make important decisions.

Finally, don't hesitate to seek guidance from a professional if you feel like you're headed toward an emotional disaster. An expert may be able to help you hone in on your deep concerns and uncover why you're feeling down about your life.

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