Banish Negative Thoughts On Your Road To Self-Empowerment

Published Date 2/20/2017
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Banish Negative Thoughts On Your Road To Self-Empowerment

It's a rare person who doesn't need a boost of self-esteem once in a while. When a relationship doesn't go the way you expected or someone else gets the promotion you were hoping for, it may be a good time to step up your self-respect and remind yourself why you've earned the admiration of others.

Some people call this process self-empowerment, but psychotherapist and self-help author Anne Dranitsaris, Ph.D., has another name for it. She calls it "striving" and categorizes individuals into seven groups - those who strive to be recognized, creative, spontaneous, knowledgeable, secure, to be in control or to help others and improve situations. Which group we fall into depends largely on our personalities and what drives us to be our best.

Writing for, Dranitsaris boiled it down to a central question, "Who am I meant to be?" By taking a self-quiz on the website, you determine what defines you - helper, creative type, etc. - and come up with ways that can build your self-confidence. While everyone has a mix of striving styles, there's always one that's dominant and will help fulfill someone's potential.

Develop Self-Empowerment

There are other methods to develop self-empowerment. When you're going through a low period, you can consult our psychic line to line up live psychic readings that will start you on the road back to happiness. A psychic can tell you what's happened in your recent past, what your current situation is and what lies ahead in the near future. All of that can provide the insight you need to get out of the dumps and back to your true path.

Well-being coach Patricia Hope wrote on her website, Towards Happiness, that addressing stress, which can deplete a person of positive energy, is the first step to feeling successful and empowered. By eliminating negative thoughts and feelings, your mindset can be changed - but it takes work.

Hope suggested that people adopt daily affirmations as part of the self-empowerment process. Affirmations can shut down what she calls "negative self talk" that leads to procrastination on tasks that improve our lives, may cause a lack of sleep and create insurmountable expectations of ourselves. Simple statements may be used frequently as inner mantras, such as, "I am accepting myself more each day" or "Each day I am becoming more self-confident."

Focus On Yourself

The type of affirmations that people use in daily meditation, prayers or as part of visualization exercises will depend on what they want to achieve - happiness, love, prosperity or career success. A good affirmation for developing self-esteem is, "It's OK to make mistakes. They are opportunities to learn."

In addition, the road to self-empowerment requires that you take time to focus on yourself by doing things that you love. Alone time can help you remember what matters most, whether you choose to spend the opportunity reading a book, taking photos during a nature walk or watching your favorite movie. With this approach, you'll gradually see an improvement in your mood that will benefit your overall outlook on life.


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