Balance On and Off the Mat In celebration of Buddha's Birthday Psychic Holly

Published Date 4/8/2011
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

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One thing that Siddhartha, or Buddha, stated is that life should have balance. One of the limbs in yoga is a physical form, known today as what we call actual “yoga”. Yoga is actually eight limbs and includes rules and policies to live by, much like religion, in fact, Buddhism as you know, is a religion. Just as a candle is not specific to Christianity, now, yoga is not specific to Buddhism. However, we can appreciate a candle and the light it gives and we can appreciate yoga and the balance it helps us to achieve. Take a yoga class this month, or simply try a simple posture that you find online. Focus on a balance posture so that you learn how to literally balance. What happens on the mat is happening often, in real life. Imbalance on the mat means you have imbalance in life. If you feel anxious while doing yoga, you may feel anxious in life. If you feel too afraid to try it you may have fear holding you back in other areas. To celebrate Buddha, and your own self, try a little balance this month! Need inner balance? Talk to Holly or any of the gifted Psychic Source Advisors.

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