Awakening Souls: A New Spiritual Journey by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 10/9/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Ready for a positive awakening?

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Within the past couple of months, the Earth energies have been changing, the full moon energies have been much stronger than we’re used too, and souls are awakening left and right. Empaths, Psychics, Mediums, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, and all Intuitives are experiencing spiritual

Do you feel different? Are you more sensitive to the emotions and energies of people around you? 
Do you feel a strong connection to the Earth and the need to be in nature now more than ever? 
Are you handling your life situations differently and in a positive, loving manner? (You might not even know you’re acting differently!)
Since Mercury has been in retrograde, it may seem like your life has come crashing down on you! Negative situations have been coming at you from all angles, but you still have a positive outlook because you KNOW that it’s to open a better door to a brighter future. 

You may even have a few friends that have caused a world of drama for you lately, and even used your confidential life information against you. However, you know that these people are not your friends, and you feel these relationships needed to end in order for you to move forward on a spiritual path in your life.
You cut your losses and see that the positive influences are still there for you! 

With all these negative things happening, which are there to pull you down, you’re less stressed than usual. You know there is no reason to stress because there’s a balance. When one negative situation leaves your life, you see that something better will happen in the near future to make up for it and more! 
If you see certain changes happening in your life, you know you have a higher level of understanding and your gifts are stronger than ever, you’re in the process of awakening! Welcome to the beginning of a new spiritual journey! 

All of those awakening right now are here to change the world and everything in it. Forget about all the negative issues within the world; you’re here to start the process of Heaven on Earth, and a peaceful place for every being within it. With energy, loving intentions, and visuals in meditations (or dreams), you can and WILL begin to manifest a better Earth for you and everyone around you. It’s already happening with solar energy projects; a 19 year old is clearing our oceans of plastics using ocean currents, chemicals are being banned, and organic gardening is the new fun project to save the bees! People are awakening to replenish what has been destroyed! 

Everyone has always thought that the end of the world is coming, and war is going to be a big cause of it. In your awakening, you know the only war is the spiritual battle between positive and negative energies and the SOURCE, the ANGELS, and LOVE is what conquers ALL! 

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rauger: Excellent article, explains everything perfectly.

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