Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Doable? by Psychic Clare

Published Date 1/23/2013
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2013 will be the year for setting small, achievable goals

While I know it is customary to make New Year’s Resolutions, I’m not sure I can fully recommend this practice.  Maybe it’s just me, but I can attest from my own past experience that those resolutions, however sincere and well-intended, usually have a brief lifespan and ultimately result in failure and, therefore, beating myself up.  We set out to accomplish great things and end up feeling bad about ourselves.  If you are one of those rare individuals who actually manage to make a firm New Year’s resolution and in fact follow through on it, congratulations!  I’m very impressed.  You need read no further.

If, however, you’re like most of us, you’re tired of the disappointment.  Why put ourselves through this every year?!  I’m really tempted to give up on the whole idea.  But, the New Year does give us a sense of starting off fresh, with a clean slate, the possibility of new beginnings and the hope that just maybe our life will be better this year than last.  So we might as well make use of that time-honored tradition.  But let’s be gentle with ourselves.

For me, this means modifying my resolutions to make them realistically achievable goals.  So for example, instead of resolving, “I will never have another drink!” or “I will not eat another donut, ever!” we might say, “I will seek moderation in my alcohol/food consumption.”  Or instead of, “I will work out for an hour every day!” we can resolve to “be more physically active on a daily basis.”  And it is important to find things that we ENJOY to replace the negative habits; healthy foods and drinks and fun activities so we won’t have to feel like we are torturing ourselves.  As for me, I resolve to be kinder to myself in 2013.  In tomorrow's post, I'll explain how.

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