Anxiety Dreams at the Holiday Season by Psychic Zoey

Date 10/29/2021
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Are you feeling anxious about the holidays?

Are you feeling anxious about the holidays?

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Are you one of people who wake up in a cold sweat anxiously thinking about the upcoming holidays? The Christmas holiday season seems to evoke fear and panic dreams like no other time. The “happily sitting around the dinner table family” has become more of a fabrication than reality as modern life advances. And this can be the source of intense anxiety which comes out for many people, in the form of anxiety dreams.

The mechanics go as follows: Dreams are simply our wise inner selves talking loudly (and once we figure it out) clearly to us. Through our dreams, our much wiser subconscious is trying desperately to show us a way out of our dilemma. Anxiety dreams happen when we fail to get the message our dreams are telling us. The repetition eventually becomes a nightmare. It’s like sometimes we need an inner scream for us to become more aware and listen up. 

A Look into Anxiety Dreams

Let’s look at Kathy’s situation to get a better glimpse into anxiety dreams. For privacy, all names below have been changed.

Kathy is a single Mom, recently divorced, with two young daughters Christine (age 9) and Kyle (age 6.) Kathy currently works a full-time job as an assistant at an attorney’s office, which gets amazingly busy during the holiday season. This means lots of overtime for her. Although she appreciates the money, for the last several years, she has become increasingly anxious during this period of time. 

After working one particularly long day at the office, Kathy came home to her daughters who were struggling with their busy school schedules, plus demanding her time for other projects. On this particular day, Christine, her oldest, wanted Mom to attend her school play, while baby sister Kyle wanted Mom’s help with a picture she was coloring. After dismissing the babysitter, Kathy attempted to first help the youngest then prepare dinner while fielding questions from Christine about the play. 

That evening Kathy as usual went to bed exhausted, wondering how she could continue to keep up her life schedule. She fell asleep fitfully only to wake several hours later in a cold sweat. Sitting up in the darkness, she recalled being chased by a misshapen large monster with a long beard. She was still breathing heavily as she recalled running through what looked like a tunnel. Around her, she could feel the wind starting to blow harshly.

This was not the only dream Kathy had experienced recently. She always recalled breathing hard and feeling trapped upon waking. She felt the need to escape while finding this impossible to do. 

Dream Translation

Kathy’s dream was a “typical”, however painful, anxiety dream. The black tunnel showed her feeling of being repressed, and squeezed tightly. The tunnel signaled that she had not allowed herself to see other ways around her current situation. Colors reflect emotions. Black echoed Kathy’s feelings of fear, darkness, and uncertainty. The monster chasing her was really her own anxieties and inadequacy about not being able to be good enough for her children.

If she would have stopped, turned around and confronted her dream monster, she would have discovered that her fears were keeping her bound and unhappy. Why not move forward to create new memories for the family instead. Interestingly, psychologists have found that if we can find a way to handle the situation while in the dreaming state, we can then successfully, handle our problem in the physical world as well.

If you are experiencing similar dreams of fear, anxiety, or helplessness surrounding the upcoming holiday season, Psychic Source advisors are always available to listen and help make sense of your emotions.  Give one of us a call or chat whenever you need that extra support and guidance. 

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