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Date 12/13/2019

Wrap Your Intentions Inside an Angel Blessing Ball.

Wrap Your Intentions Inside an Angel Blessing Ball.

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Now is the time of year that many of us dream of the ultimate magic, miracles and happiness. What happens if life gets kind of crazy and we are surrounded by too much of what we do not want? I am a big fan of self-care and living at a high vibration that makes manifesting your dreams easier. But at this busy season of our lives, I’d like to break down the simple steps of inviting an Angel Blessing Ball (or Sphere) into your daily routine. Like anything else that is important, it is helpful to schedule this activity each day. I practice this early each morning as part of my meditation and arising process. 

Pause and Breathe…
If possible, start by closing your eyes and taking several deep relaxing breaths to calm your busy mind and body. Ground yourself and connect to your higher power, followed by positive energy flow. Repeat this as you find your calm place. Once you are there, pause and enjoy. You can do this while walking in a peaceful place or finding a comfortable place to rest.

Go Within and Connect
Once your mind and body are at peace, and your high vibration energy is flowing, tune into your inner guidance — where you connect to meditate, talk to your angels, pray or find peace. Again, pause and enjoy. 

Create a Daily Angel Blessing Ball
Rub your hands together quickly so that you feel the “heat” and the “energy” that you create. Experiment by rubbing your hands together (as if you are warming them) and then moving them apart and back toward each other as if you are holding a ball of energy between your hands. 

Once you sense this “energy ball,” start choosing what you want to invite in for your life. For example: “I want to relax and attract all I desire.” Focus on the positive attractions, and not what you are trying to push away (stress, drama, or sense of being overwhelmed). Visualize that these true meaningful desires are floating into your angel blessing ball. It will keep getting bigger and bigger to hold all of your dreams. 

When you are done investing in this energy blessing ball for today, wrap up your intentions and quickly lift it up above your head and let it go into the heavens above. When I do this, I often feel a slight pause, and then I am aware of a whoosh sensation as the ball is rapidly lifting into the universe to have my desires met. Words and actions can sometimes set our desires into motion and get our desired results. Yet, the undeniable strongest indicator that I have found to reach my dreams (or better), is by maintaining my high vibration of feeling into love for all people places and situations. This method of working with energy and the angels is one of my most preferred. 

As an added blessing, you can also create angel blessings balls for others for any multitude of positive reasons. I create these for myself and others on a regular basis. I have also created larger angel blessing balls with a group of others who share a collective mindful caring and compassion for another. One person starts and then “hands” the ball to each participant. Each person adds their own unique blessing to the ball which adds to its power and love. The last person releases the ball above. This is the ultimate win/win activity. Remember to just “be” and enjoy your amazing season of sparkles, magic and miracles.

~ Izzy x9366

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