Analyzing and Journaling Dreams for Spiritual Growth by Psychic Ivanka

Date 12/21/2021
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Try starting a journal to help remember and analyze your dreams.

Try starting a journal to help remember and analyze your dreams.

The analysis of dreams has been a fascination for all kinds of people since the recording of human experience.  One of the most famous dream interpreters is Joseph from the Old Testament.  Joseph interpreted his own dreams and after being wrongfully imprisoned interpreted dreams for his fellow inmates.  Joseph’s accuracy led him to becoming the dream interpreter for the King of his time and a life of freedom and lavish wealth.  That’s the short version of Joseph’s story.  The important part is that dreams were taken seriously during his time and the dream analyzer was highly valued.

The Fathers of Modern Psychology on Dreams

Modern day dream analysis has been highly influenced by two of the fathers of modern psychology - Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud.  Jung identified archetypes that were prevalent in dreams and believed that dreams were the psyche’s attempt to communicate important information to the conscious mind.  Jung’s writing about dreams emphasized symbology, archetypes, and one’s individual effort to interpret what the symbols mean to them.  

Freud notoriously related most unconscious processed to repressed sexual desire.  Phallic symbols, penis envy, the Oedipal Complex could all be manifested unconsciously through dreams and unconscious actions.  Freud’s theories are another long story, but he did believe that all dreams are meaningful and worth exploring.

The Old Testament and Dreams

In the spiritual world, the Old Testament belief that dreams predict the future is still strongly held. Many individuals share their dreams of the future on social media prophecy.  Another popular belief is that Spirit Guides send messages through dreams to help individuals elevate their spirituality, specifically through addressing desires and fears.  In this case, the dream interpretations are specific to each person; the symbols mean something different to each person and how they use the information depends on their personal circumstances.

The Importance of Dream Journaling

For modern day dreamers, those who believe dreams are important, journaling dreams is a common practice.  Whether the dream unfolds like a movie or is remembered in fragments, everything that is remembered is written down for further interpretation.  Some of us, including myself, believe that dreams are experiences just like our conscious, awakened experienced.  In other words, it’s another dimension of consciousness that we can value and enjoy like any other part of our lives.

Psychic advisors often use tools during readings and will use those tools during dream interpretation.  For those of us who use tarot, symbols, numbers, colors, people, seasons, etc. are all very important and we use the cards and your dreams to share as much information with you as possible.  In fact, the more you know about the meaning of symbols, the better you can analyze your own dreams.  More important than the spiritual meanings of things, you can write down the meanings and experiences that are important to you.

How to Fully Enjoy Your Dreams

When you record your dreams, you are valuing your unconscious processes and gathering data that might prove to be valuable.  The data is as meaningful as you make it and you decide it’s importance.  The simplest approach is to regard the dream as an experience just like your conscious experience.  Dreams can be enjoyed or savored.  They can prepare you for upcoming experiences and show you options that you haven’t considered. The key is for you to decide what your dreams will mean to you and then add dream journaling to your tool kit for spiritual growth.  

Using dreams to enhance your conscious, awake experience can be as easy as writing down symbols, recording how many times they reappear in your dream state and deciding the meaning for yourself.  Of course, you can consult experienced dream interpreter.  If you choose to interpret for yourself, you can feel confident that whatever the symbols, numbers, or people you encounter will have a unique meaning for you.  If you choose an interpreter, you are simply employing someone who has studied symbols, psychology, dreams, the Bible or other sources of spiritual knowledge, that will only add to your own meanings.

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Ivanka has been doing professional psychic readings for 25 years and uses tarot, oracle, and playing cards for readings on Psychic Source. In addition to developing her intuitive skills and studying the occult, she has advanced degrees in Psychology and Statistics. Ivanka’s hobbies are gardening, cooking, camping, and playing bridge.


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