Amulets: What They Are and How to Use Them by Psychic Carmaleena

Date 1/27/2021

An amulet can be whatever you choose.

An amulet can be whatever you choose.

Amulets have been around for thousands of years.  They were used by our ancestors as a way of protecting the owner from evil.  They’re also used in the 21st century for this purpose.  But in this day and age the more comfortable and acceptable term of their use is to protect us from negative energy. 
An amulet can be anything that the owner feels comfortable with.  It can be a piece of jewelry, a stone, a coin, a piece of paper with a personalized message on it, a crystal, etc.  The only major criteria is that is has to be small enough for the owner to carry or wear. 
Of course there are also amulets that can be placed on someone’s personal altar or praying space.  But for the purposes of this article we are going to address the type of amulet that is carried or worn.

How does one go about finding a personalized amulet?  
It’s certainly a matter of being in tune with your spiritual source about guiding you to just the right one.  This can be accomplished by first asking for guidance for your personalized amulet to be revealed to you after you’ve made the decision that you would like to have one.  And then, your amulet will automatically show up in your life.  It’s that simple.

Cleansing your amulet
Once you’ve gotten your amulet it’s very important that you “cleanse” it.  Cleansing your amulet means releasing any energy that’s currently attached to it.  Energies attach themselves to objects (even stones) simply because they’re part of the atmosphere or have previously been owned by someone else before coming into your life.

Here are a few examples of how to do so:

1. You can burn white sage (in a fire proof receptacle, of course) and wave your amulet through the smoke.  While you’re immersing your amulet through the smoke it’s extremely important that you call upon your spirit guides (or angels) and ask them to release any energy that is attached to the article.  Once you feel that’s completed, focus your personal energy on the item and pour your feelings, emotions, and spiritual energy into it.  Again, doing this while moving it through the smoke.  This will make the amulet your very own.  Yay!

2. You can place your amulet in direct sunlight for a day, asking that all energy be “burned” out by the power of the sunlight.  At the end of the day, bring in your amulet, hold it in your hand and pour your own power and energy into it.

3. You can place your amulet in the moonlight.  This must be done at the full moon.  Again, asking that all current attached energy be released and that the amulet be completely cleansed.  When you hold the amulet in the morning after the moonlight ritual, send in your own power and energy.

4. And lastly, you can immerse the amulet in filtered water.  This process is not as potent, in my opinion, and certainly cannot be used for something that is not water soluble.

Amulets are powerful objects because when you’re wearing or carrying them you have a constant reminder to focus on your spiritual self.  So, really, an amulet is just a reminder for us to turn towards our own inner power and benefit from our spiritual source. The power doesn’t lay within the amulet itself but it’s a great source to help us keep in tune with our inner guidance.
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zgroove: Well done! Especially the reminder that the power is in us, not the amulet. I use mine for all kinds of things, some such as high falutin' spirituality, and some as mundane as creating a parking space close to where I'm going.

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