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All About Angels by Psychic Kevin

Date 11/19/2016

Angels are always present around us!

Angels are always present around us!

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Throughout history, mankind has been known to interact with angels in various ways. Many people have reported seeing angelic figures in their dreams, on their bedsides in times of illness, in visions, and other ordinary circumstances. There have been reports of those who have confessed to having conversations with angels, feeling their touch, or even hearing their beautiful melodies. Angels are mentioned in religious scriptures such as the Bible, Quran, and the Torah. These texts correspond with Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. 

Angels are often said to be messengers and helpers of God. They are multidimensional and capable of carrying out many tasks at any given moment. However, to classify angels under one simple definition would be rather limiting. Instead, it would be more helpful to look at some of the ways in which they help and appear to us.

No Obstacle is Too Much for an Angel
There are endless possibilities as to how angels can assist us on our journey. Whether we are recovering from illness, dealing with a loss, facing uncertainty, or lacking clarity, the angels are always present and available. Since angels are divine manifestations of source energy, no obstacle is too much for them to handle. Sometimes all we need is a nudge in the right direction to get things flowing in a positive way. Even a whisper from an angel is enough to accomplish such feats. 

Angels May Specialize in Any Given Field Such As:
-writing and/or communication
-raising vibration 

The well-known and beloved Archangel Michael is often associated with truth and protection. His sword is an aid for cutting through illusion and dispelling the false.  Archangel Raphael deals with healing and is a patron for travelers. Other angels may be concerned with nature and the elementals. They assist with maintaining a healthy planet and environment.

Angels are Always Around Us
Connecting with the angels does not require any special merit or abilities. In fact, they are always within and around us. All that matters is sincerity and a genuine interest for the highest good. 

Ways to communicate with these light beings include:
-affirmation work

You may also choose to write a letter to them the same way you would with a close loved one. Divination is also a powerful way to receive their guidance and develop clear communication. Angels come to us and respond to our needs in many different ways. They may come in the form of dreams or visions. This method will oftentimes trigger a feeling of intense power and peace. 

The repetition or synchronicity in your life are also ways in which the angels make their presence known. One may continuously encounter a number, color, or song which relates to the energy of a particular angel. Some people may feel light sensations in their body or hear different sounds. Perhaps you may find a feather resting in front of your path. The angels know exactly how to catch your attention. One simply needs to be present and alert to take notice of their gifts and blessings.

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