Achieving Mindful Meditation by Psychic Lois

Published Date 11/10/2018
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Take time to slow down and meditate.

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Meditating is something many people find very difficult to accomplish. Maybe that is because it takes time and practice to learn to quiet your mind, and it doesn’t always work the first time. Or, maybe it is because it often takes time and instruction to learn to relax again and to be able to be still in your body as well as your mind.

Many people feel we must rush and perform at every waking moment; and if we are not physically active and producing, we are worthless. This is the recording that millions repeat in their minds upon waking up every day.

"Go. Go. Go." is all we know.

It’s Not Always Easy to Relax
Then we realize our life, as planned, is not working and something seems missing. Our spirit knows there is more to this life. We try to find different ways to enjoy life, and this experience, a bit more. Some buy more or consume more; while some just want a quiet place in the world to stop and relax. So, we go on vacation, come back, and realize we worked harder on our time away. The relaxing part never really happened.

When the world gets overwhelming we try to find ways to seek shelter. Before now, we have always sought outside of ourselves, but with meditation we learn to go within and enjoy the simple joys of peace and pleasures the natural world offers.

From Go to Slow
When we try to learn meditation, we try to go from, "Go. Go. Go." to "Slow. Slow. Slow.". However, we forget that it takes time to learn to put on the brakes when you have been going so hard for so long.

Many people think they must find a quiet, secluded room; that this room must be set up with special symbols, music or incense. While it is true some people do require these things to relax, I also know people who meditate while gardening, washing dishes, taking a bath or shower, or just gently walking. Many people also meditate when they craft or cook. We all know people meditate while practicing Tai Chi, so why not meditate while doing another activity that brings us peace?

Meditation Is…

Meditation is an act of quieting the mind and an act of mindfulness.
Meditation is also an act of creation.
Meditation is an act of self-love and self-care.
Meditation gives us an opportunity to find joy, love and peace in this world, and in our own spirit.

Whether or not you are being physically active, or being still, it is your mind and spirit—working in unison through mindful meditation— that creates new ways of thinking, relaxing, and breathing.

Clear Away the Clutter
Often you will find a new perspective on things you felt were important before you began to meditate. Often things become more important—things that are emotionally and physically nurturing. Often things you felt were important become less overwhelming when a different perspective takes place.
Think of it this way. When meditating, you are clearing away the clutter and making a peaceful place for your spirit and mind to rest when the outside world starts to overwhelm us. You are going within to create a place of peace to rest your weary spirit and mind. It is yours. Just for you and you alone, if you chose.

Empower Yourself
When we dream, we often work through many issues; but when we are having trouble sleeping—or having trouble falling asleep—with the aid of mindful meditation, we find those things that stopped us from falling asleep or staying asleep will start to dissipate. It is a process to learn how to quiet your mind as you meditate. However, as you learn you start to see the difference mindful meditation makes in your life; not just with your overall mood, relationships and outlook on life, but with your sleeping habits as well.

When you meditate, you are taking time to nurture yourself. You are no longer seeking outside of yourself, but you have chosen to go inward to find your peace. When you meditate, you empower yourself.

I teach people how to meditate and balance their chakras because I have seen too many people who have not learned appropriate self-care or how to nurture themselves. We, as a society, have not learned how to honor our spirit. Sometimes, we need to encourage that spark we were all born with to shine a little brighter.

Honor Your Life Force
I am non-denominational. So, when I teach people meditation and chakra balancing, I encourage them to use their own inspirations, wording and/or symbols that brings them peace.

I teach this because I love to see people shine and reach their full potential. I like to see people relaxed and content with their lives and relationships. Meditation is not about denominations. It is about seeking one’s own personal truth. It’s about finding that spark again and sitting with it—giving it the space it needs. Mostly, it’s about honoring your life force/energy/spirit in this word.

I like to teach the chakra balancing first, before the daily meditation, because it gives the person a good base to begin the process of self-healing and self-care; a good foundation of understanding who they are and how connected they are. I believe once they feel and understand how much they are loved and protected, and how much power over their own lives is within them, they will feel more empowered, inclined and inspired to meditate daily.
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