A Spiritual Guide to Archangels by Psychic Heather

Date 10/18/2022
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Archangel Michael depicted for his strength and courage.

Archangel Michael depicted for his strength and courage.

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The term “arch – angel” is derived from the Greek (arch + angel) meaning “chief angel.” Several archangels are identified within the major religions and they are believed to be of high rank, governing over other angels. Depending on the religion, the number and names of archangels vary somewhat; but, commonly at least seven are present.

7 Most Common Archangels

In Hebrew, this name means “who is like unto God.” He is generally depicted as a commander holding a sword in his right hand. Michael is often called upon for strength and courage as well as to dispel doubts and fears. 

Also referred to as “Man of God' is portrayed in a more peaceful light. He in fact carries a lantern in his right hand rather than a sword and is said to hold the deeper mysteries of God. He is called upon to aid in communication with God or with others and to “spread the light”. 

“God's healing” is also a gentler archangel often called upon to aid in healing. He also provides harmony when conflict arises. 

“Fire of God” often depicted as holding both a sword in his right hand and a flame in his left. He is also believed to be the guardian of music. He is called upon to aid in celebrations. 

“Lioness". This archangel is called upon most frequently to heal animals and protect the environment. 

“Sees God” is often called upon to help locate lost objects or to find long lost loves. 

 “Mercy” is called upon for forgiveness and to aid in forgiving others. 

There are others as well in other traditions such as Enoch (Metatron) who is believed to be a protector and healer of children. Also, Ramiel is called upon when hope is needed.

Knowing the name and having an image of archangels can aid in prayer. More complete descriptions as well as early depictions in art can easily be located on-line, or give me a call and I’ll be happy to discuss it further with you.

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