A New Year, A New You!

Published Date 1/8/2018
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Make the changes you want and need this year.

Reflection is the art of seriously taking stock in the past year and your life in general. It’s also the ability to reflect on the here and now—your present feelings and emotions. This can help improve you emotionally and spiritually and give you a greater understanding of the relationships in your life.

Assess and reflect on the decisions you made in 2017 to figure out how you can make 2018 a year of positive growth. Use these reflections as an opportunity to constructive changes in 2018. This also means letting go of negative relationships, be it family, friends or an unhealthy love relationship. You be the judge. 

How to use your intuition (your gut feeling) to discard unhealthy relationships and improve your life:

   1. Relax! Don't take everything so seriously. Focus on priorities.
   2. Look back through your thoughts, both positive and negative. How did you react to the situation in question?
   3. Spend time on each experience and analyze how you felt, your reaction, and the outcome.
   4. Increase your awareness of how you feel about each experience. Was the outcome what you expected? Could you have approached it differently?
   5. Look back over 2017 and realize what you’ve accomplished and where you fell short. What would you change if you could? Given the answers that are revealed by this last question… where do you want to be in your life in 2018?

This is the start of a new year—the perfect time to create a new you! Whatever you didn’t like about 2017, now is the perfect time to change things. We all will find something we would like to tweak. Maybe you can’t change it overnight but you can certainly work towards that goal. You can do it!

Every day is a new dawn; a new chance to achieve balance in your life and the happiness you deserve. Start small but think big!


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Italianlady: In 2011 One of my sons had a Bon Voauge gathering at his home for my granddaughter who was leaving for Europe for three months. Not knowing anything about this party,and finding out three months later, needless to say "Everyone was invited" except "Me" the grandma and his "Sister".the Auntie.. No explanation and no reason was given. There has to be a reason. There is a Reason for everything. No one is talking. My world and my HEART fell apart.As time goes by I'm moving a little further away from the deception, but it lingers in bits and pieces.I still question it "Why"?? I'm a Good Person, Mother, Grandmother, Mother-in-law. I never hurt anyone.I Love my grandchildren. It is so hard to even look at my son,or any of his family, or talk to him. On holidays I have to force myself to smile and say something. (This Christmas was alittle better). He continues to go through his life as it's nothing to him. I'm striving to get my Happiness back..I want a Reason..I'm not going to let this awful thing put me in a Dark Place I like and respect myself to much. Thank You

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