A Look at Modern Mysticism

Published Date 6/15/2016
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A sky filled with stars can inspire a mystical moment.

Modern mysticism isn’t always well understood by those who aren’t yet practicing it. If you’ve ever had the feeling of a transcendent experience or want to explore the path to mysticism further, you should understand what it means to be a mystic in the modern world.

How to Know if You're a Mystic

Modern mystics typically don’t refer to themselves as mystics, so how do you know if you’ve met a mystic or if you’re one yourself? It’s likely you haven’t thought of yourself as a mystic. However, anyone seeking to experience the divine intimately and personally might very well travel down the path of a mystic.

It’s a path of the heart, and it’s for people who have fallen in love with the creator and creation. You won’t have a mystical experience because you’ve wished it to happen, or even because you’re particularly special or spiritual. In fact, mystical moments can happen to anyone at any time.

How to Know if You've Had a Mystical Experience

Mystical experiences are often very subtle. Speaking with a live phone psychic can allow you to pinpoint these moments in your own life. Perhaps you’ve had a sudden sense of divine love or intelligence while watching a sunset, a sky filled with stars, or the breathtaking beauty of a forest. Maybe you’ve had this moment gazing into the loving eyes of a child, or listening to your favorite music. It could happen in a dream or in normal, everyday life. You’ve probably dismissed this moment as a pleasant feeling, then went back into your regular existence.

Signs of a Mystical Experience

If you explore that nice sensation further, you’ll see that mystical experiences are frequently marked by common signs. You’ll feel the image of yourself become overshadowed by your experience of the divine. You’ll abandon your conscious understanding of material reality and your senses. In this moment, you’ll transcend space and time, realizing that life is perfect in its intelligent creation. With this sense of the sacred comes a deep inner peace, and you’ll feel intimately connected with the creator and the entire universe. A psychic reading online can help you explore.

How to Take a Mystic's Path

At first, you may follow traditional religious practices, but this isn’t necessary, and eventually you’ll realize your path isn’t formal. Instead, you’ll move away from the world’s social conditioning to establish an expanded consciousness and realize the presence of the divine. You don’t need to increase your knowledge to do it. What you do need is patience and faith.

Surrender without a plan for where the path leads or how long it will take you to get there. Turn your attention inward and learn to establish silence. Though it’s not the only way, the creator often communicates through the first language of silence, an inner silence of the mind and heart. This is something you can nurture and maintain through prayer and meditation.

It’s not always easy to follow a mystical path in the world today. With faith and patience, you’ll learn to take this journey.


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