A Journey of Past Life Remembrance by Psychic Payton

Date 1/4/2014

Understand your own roots in the tree of life.

Understand your own roots in the tree of life.

For years I wanted to remember my past lives but no method I tried was successful.  Readers who I’ve consulted over time were unable to see my past and I got to the point that I started believing that I was brand new to earth.  

That belief, along with not knowing, changed into knowing almost too much when I started having remarkable success with Genealogy.  Seeing certain ancestor’s names jogged my memories of my past lives.  Not only am I familiar with the names, I’m also fortunate that there are many chronicles written about my direct ancestors.  

When reading the histories, I recognized some of the people connected to my ancestors, as well as my relationship with them. Many times I know that the information is actually inaccurate but I can’t change what happened 500 years ago.  It’s an interesting sensation to discover where I was and how the spirits of those people fit into my now.    

This is a bit far-reaching but I remembered the most when I took part in a DNA test to see where I came from starting 80,000 years ago.  It made total sense to me seeing where I’d migrated and what I’d experienced starting that far back.  This information, combined with my family tree dating back to the 8th century, has made me feel totally at peace with knowing what lives I’ve lived.  I feel like I found an earthly form of Akashic records that I can understand.   

The biggest proof I’ve gotten from seeing my ancestry/past lives is: what we instinctively resonate to is truly a good indication of where we’ve been.  Everything that I naturally adore now is prevalent in my past lives.  I love castles and I spent many lifetimes in them.  When I was a young girl I used to dress myself like an Egyptian Pharaoh and boss my poor sister around—I discovered that I experienced many lives in the Middle East.  I’m fascinated with the island of Crete—it’s no surprise that I lived many lives in the Mediterranean.  

Just like this life, only certain experiences made it into my long term memory.  I think that I was just expecting too much detail when I was wishing to remember my spirit’s history. If you’re having challenges sorting out past lives, I’d recommend looking at your ancestry! 
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