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Published Date 4/30/2011
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buddhahistory Buddha was born on April 8th like me; except in 566 BC. At age 16 he married Princess Yasodhara. He began to travel outside of the palace and saw all of the suffering and negativity in the world. The sorrow he experienced touched his soul to such a great degree that he became a Monk. He meditated his days away; giving his life over to his great quest of finding a way to end suffering for all of humanity. He refused to leave the earth until he accomplished his mission. At night an evil demon Mara tried to tempt him from his true path; with women, heavy rain, lightning, demonic armies and flaming rocks. However, Buddha was an Aries and Aries NEVER quit. So, he resisted temptation and stayed true to his path. Finally, he had a great epiphany! Humans were negative by nature, but there was also another side of every human that was "divine", positive, healing and connected to all that is good. Buddha then became known as the "awakened one". He spent the rest of his days spreading the word of the Dharma (the path of enlightenment) to children and adults everywhere. He taught that connecting to the divine with in awakens  spiritual growth, peace, love & harmony. Buddha taught that living life in the enlightened state; brings about enormous possibilities for individual and world healing. He knew he was not the first or last to embark on this path. He died at the age of 80, but his legacy has lives on thanks to his students becoming teachers themselves. My favorite Buddha teaching is "Every moment we create new karma by what we say do or even think" So, project positive thoughts, do good things, choose to be happy & create good karma. Yes, sadness comes around; but you will understand the reasons for it; and become stronger from it. You will be able to handle the ups and downs of your life if you choose to create happiness now by living in enlightenment like Buddha. The divine side of you has more power than you think! Some of Buddha's other teachings included: "Nothing is lost in this universe" "Matter turns into energy, energy turns into matter" "We are the same as plants and trees, even the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything." "If we destroy something around us we destroy ourselves" "Everything is continually changing" "Life flows like a river" Want guidance on your spiritual path? Talk to a Spiritual Psychic today!


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