6 Tips for Mastering Positive Internal Dialogue

Published Date 3/14/2018
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Enjoy some quiet time every day!

We have heard the clichés: 

“You are what you think.”
“I think, there for I am.”
“Be your own best friend.”

But often, it’s all easier said than done, right?  We have so much potential to utilize our own internal dialog in such a way that we could always feel supported, regardless of who is around us or what the situation is.

Here are some of tips for mastering a positive internal dialog.

Spend more time outside. 
Walk in the mountains, sit in front of the ocean on the beach, watch the sun fall over the horizon as the color show begins. When we connect with nature, we cannot help but scale life such that we realize we are but one small part of an amazing universe. If possible, touch nature, take off your shoes and walk barefoot, feel bumpy tree bark, notice the texture of a rock. These connections are ways we set the stage for a healthy dialog.

Consciously eliminate as much negativity and drama as possible in life.
Have you noticed that internal dialog can mimic the doom of the news, gossip at work and negativity found on the Internet? The mind is much like our physical body, we need healthy stuff going in to experience a state of health as a baseline.

Don't be afraid to talk back to that little voice who says mean things.
It has been found that, like any mean or angry person, when you ignore it, it just gets louder. Also, when you argue with it, it also gets louder.  Instead, how about asking that negative part questions... when your voice says something like "you can't do anything right!", consciously reply with a question, like "is that true". It changes the dialog and now you can almost always hear the dialog say: “No... it's not true, I'm just scared.”  You get the picture here.  Work with yourself rather than against yourself.

Quiet time.
Enjoy some dedicated quiet each day so that you can hear the thoughts that are not screaming at you. In between the big scary thoughts are tons of small thoughts that are important. Time set aside to meditate each day is a great way to accomplish this!

Exercise gratitude.
In most everything, there is something to be thankful for and that thankfulness cultivates a positive supportive dialog. It may be something as small as acknowledging that you woke up this morning.

Find solutions.
We have been taught since elementary school how to “solve problems.” Challenge yourself to focus on finding solutions instead... just try it and see what you notice!

Internal dialog is our own thoughts, encouragements, support, fears, insecurities and more. Just like talking with a good friend, we are in charge of at least half of the conversation and that is all we need to turn it around.

When you are supported internally, you will have support no matter where you go and no matter what life hands you.

Happy thoughts!

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