6 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated

Date 11/24/2015

If you have memories you can't explain, you might have been reincarnated.

If you have memories you can't explain, you might have been reincarnated.

Maybe your friends always refer to you as an old soul or perhaps you feel as though you've been here before. These signs could point toward reincarnation. Maybe you've lived another life before this one.

You Know Things You Shouldn't

Have you ever rattled off an obscure fact during a conversation with a coworker, then wondered where you learned it? People who have been reincarnated sometimes bring with them knowledge from their previous lives. You might know historical facts or other tidbits of information that you haven't actually learned in this lifetime, which might be disconcerting at first. Just remember that reincarnated souls have more knowledge than other people.

You Identify with a Past Culture or Time

Do you dream of living in Victorian England? Do you sometimes feel like you should have been born in the roaring 20s? Reincarnated souls often identify with past cultures or times because they experienced them. Your soul feels drawn to the experiences, fashion, architecture, and other elements of that time period, so you might feel out-of-place in modern society.

You Can't Explain Your Phobias

If you scream every time you see a spider on the back porch or you worry about losing your home even though you're financially stable, you might have brought phobias into this life from the last. Souls who experience a traumatic event in a past life can bring that awareness into the next.

The fear might be concrete (such as the fear of dying in a certain way) or more abstract. If your phobia interferes with your daily life, consider booking a psychic chat online to help you release the fear.

Nobody Fools You

A past life means you learned lessons and skills that you haven't had time to acquire in this life. Consequently, you might be less naïve than the average person — and therefore harder to trick. You don't fall for scams or practical jokes and you find it easy to tell when someone lies to you. This asset can prove useful, especially when faced with unscrupulous people.

You Have Birthmarks

Some cultures believe that birthmarks provide evidence of past lives. If you lived in a foreign country in a past life, for example, you might have a birthmark in the shape of that country on your body. Alternatively, your birthmark might symbolize the way you died before you reincarnated.

People Always Ask You For Advice

If you're earned a reputation as an armchair psychiatrist in your social circle, you might be a reincarnated soul. You carry with you the wisdom and experience you accrued during your past life, which makes you an incredible source of information and guidance. Sometimes you need guidance yourself, however, so don't hesitate to consult a phone psychic or online psychic when you feel lost.

Learning that you have reincarnated from a past life might seem overwhelming, but it actually gives you an advantage. You can use what you learned in the past to inform your current life, just don't allow past mistakes or experiences to hinder your growth.


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