6 Easy Tips For Starting A Dream Journal

Published Date 12/12/2013
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6 Easy Tips For Starting A Dream Journal

There are countless theories about what dreams mean and why we have certain images reappear while we sleep. But among the universal themes that people share in their dreams, there are scenarios that play out that speak to you specifically.

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However, before your session with a psychic, start keeping a dream journal so you'll have details on which your advisor can focus. Here are six tips to get you started.

1. Dreams fade quickly soon after we awake, so it's best to write down the dream sequence as soon as possible. Keep a notebook readily at hand by your bed so you aren't delayed.

2. It's helpful to write in the present tense, because it puts you in the moment and keeps the dream fresh in your mind. If you can sketch scenes from your dreams, that will help your medium get a clearer picture of what you've seen in your sleep.

3. Note the date of the dream and the major issues that were going on in your life at that time. Putting this information in may help you see a connection between the stresses and worries you were experiencing at the time and the images that you dreamt.

4. Write your initial reaction to the dream along with the basic storyline to start. The first impression that comes to mind when you awake will probably be the clearest that you remember.

5. A dream journal lets you keep a record of what kind of symbols keep showing up in your sleep. There are individual symbols that are specific to your circumstances, cultural symbols that reflect your immediate environment and universal symbols that many people report seeing in their dreams. Pay attention to the types of symbols that repeat in your dreams.

6. Senses play a role in dreams just as they do in real life. Try to recall the sounds, colors and smells and how they contributed to the overall mood of the sequence.

Understanding your dreams has many benefits. You'll probably find solutions to problems that have been bothering you, and learn of things that are buried in your subconscious and may improve your quality of life while you're awake.


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webdiva: Great article! Also consider an online dream journal. it's a great way to digitally track your symbols, dream meanings, get interpretations, etc. http://www.dreamjournal.net is free!

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