6 Crystals That Enhance Psychic Dreams

Published Date 11/17/2019
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Place an amethyst near your bed to support your crown and third eye chakras.

In your dream state, you're often able to connect with spiritual planes that are difficult to access in your waking hours. You may receive important messages from spirit guides or guardian angels. Receiving psychic messages in your sleep is easier when you take a mindful approach to this practice. Setting your intention and creating the appropriate vibrations for your journey will increase your chances of success. Keeping the right crystal under your pillow or beside the bed might give you the nudge you need to fully receive the messages that are waiting for you.


The rich purple hues of amethyst match those of the third eye and crown chakras, making this an excellent stone for working with these areas. Meditating with amethyst may help you awaken psychic abilities that you were previously unaware of. Sleeping with one will offer psychic protection while strengthening your clairvoyance as you dream.


Moonstone enhances your intuitive abilities. If there's a message from the other side that's appearing subtly in your dreams, keeping a moonstone under your pillow might help you perceive this message more clearly. Moonstone also increases your sensitivity to emotions, so you'll enjoy greater empathy if you're communicating with those on the other side in your dreamscape.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a powerful choice if you're interested in contacting spirits on the other side. This stone is known for its ability to help individuals transcend this reality and make contact with those in the afterlife. It may also help you connect with angels or spirit guides. For more information on your angel guides, consider getting an angel tarot reading from an intuitive psychic.

Clear Quartz

An outstanding stone for nearly any purpose, clear quartz is one of the most versatile crystals that you can work with. If you're interested in enhancing psychic dreams, consider using clear quartz points in conjunction with some of the other stones mentioned here to create a crystal grid at your bedside for this purpose.


It's believed that azurite shares the same vibration as your third eye. This point between your eyebrows is the seat of your psychic abilities. If you're trying to release blockages around this chakra and enhance your psychic intuition, working with azurite is often an effective choice. Speaking with an authentic psychic can help you identify and work through blockages that are getting in the way of psychic dreams, as well.


Iolite's entrancing deep purple-blue color makes it a perfect pick for connecting with the crown and third eye chakras. Also known as the “Viking's compass,” this crystal is believed to awaken your psychic abilities. Iolite also helps balance your aura and cleanse you of negative energies, so this stone is a great choice when you're feeling muddled and are hoping for some psychic clarity in your dreams.

Try one or more of these crystals to enhance your psychic abilities as you sleep. You may finally receive the information you're seeking in your dreams.


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