6 Common Dreams and What They Mean by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 2/1/2014
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Dreams are a mystical gateway to the subconscious

“Dreams are the touchstones of our character.” -Henry David Thoreau 

I’ve noticed that there are three different types of dreams. They can be from your subconscious, intuitive dreams, or dreams based on what happened before you went to sleep. 

With subconscious dreams, your subconscious can bring to light fears you’re having in everyday life, or feelings that you’re ignoring. 
Intuitive dreams can show you something that’s about to happen next, or give you insight into a person or from spirits who have crossed over. 

Other dreams can be from a Television show you just watched, or maybe you ate somewhere before you went to sleep and dreamt about it. You can be holding onto something you enjoyed that day and you’ll relive it in your sleep.

I once had an advisor explain to me that dreams are completely symbolic and very hard to interpret. She could tell me what she thought the dream meant for me, but the best way was to find out what I thought the symbols meant. Everyone sees symbols in a different light, so it’s best to go with your own intuition in what those symbols mean to you! However, if all else fails, it is good to talk to a dream interpreter for a second opinion!

1. Falling
I feel that dreams of falling also relate back to our inner child. As babies, we’re slowly lowered into cribs and bassinets, where that sense of falling comes from. In most falling dreams you never hit the bottom and that’s because as a baby, when you’re placed in your crib, you know you’re safe. So, these dreams are definitely all about security and being secure with your life and yourself.”  

2. Decaying or Missing Teeth
There’s usually a health issue associated with these dreams. Since our teeth are directly related to our health and energetic channels, it’s always good to begin taking better care of yourself when these dreams pop up (just to be on the safe side). Meaning, something begins on an energetic level and works its way into the body. It’s also good to receive Reiki after these dreams occur to keep that from happening. I agree that these dreams of loosing teeth are very hard to interpret. It depends on what is happening within the dreamer’s life.

3. Car Crash 
I actually try to control my dreams by finding cars to crash so that I may wake up. Normally this happens during nightmares for me.

4. Naked
These dreams can also mean that you feel vulnerable in a certain situation. You’re completely open, and maybe even a little too open depending on the dream.”

5. Death
I’ve had experiences with an intuitive dreaming friend of mine where she had dreams of death and it was always symbolic of a pregnancy in her circle of friends. She was ALWAYS right!

6. Water
Dreams of water can also be a need for you to go with the flow of your life and find your rhythm to alleviate stress. You could be fighting an inner battle with yourself rather than just going with it to see where it leads.

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”  -Dr. Seuss
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Italianlady: Several nights off and on. I dream of my deceased parents. The dreams are so vivid , sometimes it doesn't feel like a dream Its as though I'm actually speaking with them. I always find myself on the street I grew up in, and I'm standing at the end of the block the time is always the same Dusk time.looking down towards the house, and I see the kitchen light on or my Dad mowing the grass. I don't approach I just look trying to shake the errie feeling then the thoughts start racing. Maybe I dreamed they passed. but there still alive, Or is it a duplicate universe,. What are they doing here, How did I get here ? Then I have a Momma dream. She keeps coming down to earth. I hear myself tell her Mom Why are you here? You belong in heaven. How did you get here.? She looks up I look up there is a hole in the ceiling. Mom you need to go back. Then in my dream I have a ladder and I'm pushing my Mom back through the hole telling her you need to go back. End of Dream. I dream alot about my parents, When they come and knock on my Dream Door for a visit.. I'm so Happy. . When are parents pass on, we miss them terrible. my Mom mostly comes in my dreams.. She must Miss Me too..

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