5 Ways To Create A Calm, Relaxing Home

Published Date 9/22/2013
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5 Ways To Create A Calm, Relaxing Home

Have you ever thought about how much you don't get done because you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed? If the source of your anxiety comes from home, you might be putting yourself behind the eight ball. Your house should be a place for peace and relaxation - you should be able to relax, unwind and collect your thoughts. With a clear mind, you're in a better position to attack problems ranging from your relationships to your career. Here are some tips for developing a more peaceful home, eliminating negativity and gaining control of your life once again.

1. Identify Sources Of Negativity

Our phone psychics might have been able to help you hone in on negative individuals holding you back in your life, but have you ever thought about negative aspects of your home? Through authentic psychic readings, you may be able to identify items that have negative energy attached to them in your humble abode. A psychic can also tell you if it's your space that's truly the problem or the people who happen to be living in your household.

2. Eliminate Clutter

Health magazine reported that clutter is something that no one wants to live with, but those who aren't keen on cleaning face this obstacle daily. Even if it's just an old stack of magazines or pile of laundry, clutter can be causing you anxiousness in your living spaces. Before you say no to getting organized, try it once and see how you feel afterward. The relief you experience after dealing with the mess might be enough to persuade you to clean more often.

3. Remove Your Television

When you turn on the news, you're likely exposing yourself to negative information and putting yourself in an emotionally vulnerable position. Even fictional television shows can take a toll on your mind over time, which is why House Logic recommended removing the TV from your most frequently used space. Try it out and see if the area feels more tranquil - you may be shocked by how much more you love your room, whether it's the den or family area. 

4. Embrace Natural Light

Instead of relying on your lamps, The Huffington Post encouraged the use of natural light to boost your spirit, mood and overall clarity. The sunlight can make you feel more at home in any room of your humble abode. Think about removing opaque drapes and replacing them with sheer curtains to make it simpler to receive sunlight on a regular basis.

5. Use Calming Colors

Get rid of those red walls and orange throw pillows - opt for soothing green decorative accents and light blue furnishings to make you feel less stressed. Color can play a large role in how we feel in our environments. Think about giving your home a color makeover to encourage rest and relaxation. You may be surprised at how relaxed you feel once you make this change to your home!

Whether you want to become a more peaceful person or reconnect with your soul on a deeper level, a calm, relaxing home can help you achieve your goals.


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