5 Signs Materialism is Taking Over Your Life (and How to Take the Power Back)

Published Date 8/24/2015
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Shopping can make you feel good for a moment, but materialism could cause deeper problems in your life.

Money can't buy you happiness. Though many people know this, they still focus on material aspects of their lives to try to find happiness and love. Various signs and behaviors can alert you to how materialism is overcoming your life. You can defeat this careless behavior and create a more mindful life.

Frenzied Holiday Shopping

One of the biggest signs of materialism in recent years has been the outward show of consumer culture around the holidays. As the holidays approach, you may find yourself always hunting for the perfect gift, leaving behind the beauty of family time and the holiday season for society's push to shop, shop, shop.

Ambition and Competitiveness

Being very competitive and ambitious can certainly help you do great things. But these qualities can also mean you're more materialistic than the average person. Having a chat with a psychic online can help you channel your competitive nature towards good, instead of the drive to accumulate possessions and wealth.

Problems in Your Relationship

If you're having problems in your relationship, it could be a sign that your materialism is getting out of hand. Studies have shown that couples where both partners show high levels of materialism have lower quality relationships. Materialism may make you feel less connected to others.

Feelings of Insecurity

Other research has found that insecurity spurs materialism. If you find yourself often overcome by feelings of doubt and you question your own self-worth, you may also have materialistic qualities. Consumerism takes advantage of people's insecurities to sell products, so take a moment to question why you want to buy something before you do. Speak with a phone psychic to find where your insecurities come from and how to deal with them without spending your money unwisely.

Narcissistic Behaviors

Consumer culture can also lead to narcissistic behaviors. Narcissistic people act arrogantly as they're very concerned with finding power. This obsessive drive for prestige can compensate for feelings of emptiness. Again, insecurities can manifest themselves in narcissistic behaviors like spending to show wealth.

Take the Power Back

There are many things you should and shouldn't do to gain control over materialism. Try to limit watching TV, reading magazines, and reading things on the Internet. These sources all rely heavily on advertising, and advertising plays into people's materialism to sell products. Likewise, avoid malls and shopping centers. Spend a day away from spending if you want to have fun, like by going to the beach.

There are also many things you can do to become more mindful. Make a list of things you are grateful for so you see the things you do have right in front of you. Take the time to nurture love in your life. Take measures to be healthy, and practice random acts of kindness. These small, simple measures will bring happiness to your life that you can't get from material wealth.

Materialism can overcome your life, but taking small steps to avoid consumer culture and to emphasize positive love will help you defeat materialism and become more mindful.


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