5 Examples of Metaphorical Sayings that Hit the Mark in 2020

Date 11/3/2020

A mixed box of chocolates is a great metaphor for 2020, where each month has served up something unexpected.

A mixed box of chocolates is a great metaphor for 2020, where each month has served up something unexpected.

Metaphorical sayings compare situations to objects or actions that are not literally applicable. They help make sense of otherwise complicated topics and make confusing situations more relatable. The year 2020 has exemplified many metaphors with its extreme range of unexpected situations and challenges.

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates

This famous metaphor courtesy of Forrest Gump paints a perfect picture of 2020. "Life is like a box of chocolates," the saying goes, "You never know what you're gonna get." Biting into January and February, life still seemed sweet in many areas. By March and April, people were sinking their teeth into unexpected flavors they didn't enjoy. Still, there were sweet moments even amid the challenges, such as unexpected opportunities to slow down, reexamine life, and spend more time with family.

Chaos Is a Friend of Mine

Bob Dylan's metaphorical lyrics, "Chaos is a friend of mine," were felt keenly by many through 2020. In an interview, Dylan said of the phrase, "It's like I accept him, does he accept me?" Most have learned to accept the unpredictability and chaos as a part of life in 2020, perhaps even befriending it and learning how to welcome it into their lives comfortably side-by-side with concepts and habits that were once strangers.

A Roller Coaster of Emotions

The metaphor of a roller coaster of emotions became very apt for many people facing the uncertainties of 2020. Situations like being suddenly homebound could produce a wide variety of emotions ranging from peace and relaxation in one's solitude to stress and fear from being isolated. Though remote comforts like psychic hotlines were still available, in-person interactions often were not, making for a very unpredictable emotional state for many.

A Volcano About to Erupt

As concerns related to the coronavirus first reached the United States early in 2020, many had the sensation of a volcano waiting to erupt. Though it has been impossible to accurately predict when certain hazards, such as running out of personal protective gear or ventilators, will arise, the impending sense of doom hung over much of the year.

A Sea of Uncertainty

A sea of uncertainty is a good descriptor of 2020. This metaphor may even continue into 2021 as the world waits expectantly to see how the story of COVID-19 will play out. There are differing theories and opinions on all sides, making it difficult for many to know what to expect or how to navigate these waters. While psychics and tarot readings can offer some insight, it's difficult to find much that is known for a certainty.

Turning to metaphors is a great way to help explain complex topics. These examples all apply well to the strange situations of 2020. Depending on how things go, metaphorical sayings may offer the perfect communication tool moving forward into 2021 as well.


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