4 Things Numerology Can Do for You

Published Date 10/18/2016
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Numerology can help you understand your life path

Numerology is one of the oldest sources of divination, and psychics still use it today to help people learn more about themselves. When you get a reading, it's important to understand that numerology reveals many things about your personality and paths that your life might take. Use the information that you learn about yourself in your numerology reading to help you work through questions, better understand your relationships, and learn how to pursue your life goals.

Aspects of Your Personality

When you get a numerology reading, you are assigned a number based on the date you were born. This number can show you pieces of your personality. In some cases, you may already be aware of the indicators of your birthdate number while other times it may reveal personality traits that you hadn't recognized. For example, people with a birthdate number of one tend to be leaders. They are usually passionate and strong-willed. On the other hand, those with a birthdate number of five tend to be rebels and want to live their lives their own way.

How You Handle Changes

Using your sun number, a numerologist can help you understand how you deal with changes in your life. Similar to your birthdate number, a numerologist will determine your sun number using your birthday. Instead of including the year of your birth in the equation, though, the sun number only includes the month and day you were born.

Those with a sun number of three tend to think outside the box. This means that they will deal with changes and conflicts by coming up with new and inventive solutions. If you have a sun number of eight, you like to be in control. If you are faced with significant life changes, you will likely do whatever you can to ensure that you are in complete control of the situation.

Relationship Obstacles You Encounter

Another way that numerology can help you understand yourself better is through examining your relationships and the obstacles that you'll likely face. If you and a partner have opposing numerology profiles, you may have more problems than you would if you have compatible profiles. On the other side of the equation, two people with the same birthdate number will have to work around the same conflicts and personality traits in their lives, which can either strain or strengthen the relationship.

Your Life Goals and Desires

When chatting with a numerologist to develop your numerology profile, you're going to find that some of your life goals and desires are present. This is because the other aspects of your profile work together to show you what you really want in your life. Whether your goal is to secure wealth or to be the best at whatever you do, this will become clear in your profile.

Getting a numerology reading from a live psychic chat can help you understand yourself better in many ways. Interpreting the numbers that shape you and learning what they mean for you can help you move forward in your life.


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