4 Steps to Heal Emotional Trauma by Psychic Heather

Published Date 5/2/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

You don't have to live in fear forever.

For those of us who have spent any length of time upon this earth, we’ve all experienced some degree of emotional trauma.  It’s only a matter of varying quantities among individuals.  

No matter the source or the quantity, the steps to healing are the same:

1. Identify the source of the trauma.
Remember the initial trauma—relive it with your senses. What were you seeing? Hearing?

2. Identify the source of any fear.
What were you afraid of in that moment?  Why are you still afraid?  

3. Ask yourself: How could I comfort myself?
Close your eyes and let the event and the fear fade as you bring about the memory of
comforting sensations.  Bring into your mind your favorite painting or visualize your favorite nature scene such as the beach at sunset.  Recall a smell you find pleasant.  Remember the taste of a food you enjoy.  Hear your favorite song.  As you relax, hold on to the relief and comprehension you gain.  

4. Meditate and journal about your experience.
From now on, if this memory resurfaces to cause pain, remember, it has already been resolved. Recall the pleasant experiences again.  

Any kind of trauma can be healed, as long as you use the power of your mind to control the pain.
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