4 Easy Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions by Psychic Libby

Published Date 1/16/2014
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Look great, feel great this year. Zero excuses.

Do a Psychic and Physical Clutter Clear
And Start the New Year Conquering Fear…
To Create the Future that We Hold So Dear!

Sorry, readers, can’t resist being a rhyming Simon (too much Dr. Suess growing up!) 

Despite that, all of the above is absolutely true: If we start clearing the internal and external clutter (the junk in our minds as well as our homes) that is blocking the way of life we want, we move through our fears to finally reach our dearest desires.  

To do so, most of us note our resolutions at the start of the year: lose weight, get organized, reduce stress… and to somehow, someway be more prosperous.  What are yours?  Take a moment and write them down if you haven’t already. Allow yourself to write what you really want, even if you’ve failed before; even if you feel it’s impossible.  Just getting those goals out of your head and onto paper clears inner clutter and allows the energy to begin to move towards what you want!  

As most of you know, most of those noble aspirations fall by the wayside (with a loud clunk) by the end of the month.  And we settle into the same old, comfortable disappointed selves.  

What goes wrong?

First, I promise it’s not your goals or the act of putting them down!  I hear so many say that we shouldn’t do resolutions as everyone lets them go.  I think this is not only untrue but a bit traumatic!  Instead, I think we need far better strategies to reach our goals. Energetically speaking, winter is a time for going within and planting an internal seed for our goals.  Many expect to start exercising, dieting and kicking out clutter right away in January, but it’s better to begin small now and plan for spring when we’re made to really let go.

Here are some beginning strategies for this season to start you out:

   1. Be aware of what motivates you.
 Seldom does the thought of, for example, going to the gym to exercise, motivate you!  But the thought of more peace of mind, lower blood pressure or blood sugar, or fitting into the jeans you want can motivate.  What is it for you?  Write it down!

   2. Discover what stops you, and create solutions.  For example: Can’t stay away from snacking on chocolate or chips even though you want to lose weight?  What can you do to intervene?  Can you give yourself a different treat, such as picking up a book, watching a movie, calling a friend, etc., instead?  

   3. Get support!  This is probably the most important factor, as almost no one gets there alone.  This is why 12 step programs, group weight loss programs, and gyms that offer classes work. And yes, psychic advisors, coaches and counselors work!  When we start to slip or falter, we need help holding our feet to the fire (which can be warm and cozy at this time of year).

   4. Use your psychic skills—visualize, meditate and pray on what you seek!  Don’t feel it has to be from effort of will alone.  There is always divine help available for you as well as that of our psychic readers!

Many call us to find out about relationships, jobs, health and more.  But a really good use of your time and money spent with us is to use us as your coaches and advisors to create the life you want, rather than just reacting to the one you have.  

I’m going to keep writing to help get you there.  Stay posted for articles on how to really clear clutter, and how to bring the love you want! Until then, my best and blessings to you all!
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