4 Different Approaches to Contacting Spirits

Published Date 11/14/2015
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Let yourself relax in a comfortable spot in nature to connect with the spirits there.

If you're looking to contact spirits, it's important to find a method that best fits your needs, abilities, and situation. Whatever you choose, make sure you find a comfortable place that allows you to have enough concentration for your task. You can also turn to experienced psychic mediums to make contact with spirits and receive their messages.

Find a Comfortable Place

Finding a place of familiarity and comfort can lead you to an approachable spirit. If you're looking for nature spirits, for instance, try visiting a place in the woods that draws you to it. Don't walk around looking for something specific; instead, let yourself be attracted by the spirit. Look for a place that's undisturbed and peaceful.

On the other hand, you should avoid places that are uncomfortable or disturbing. These places often hold negative energies, so even if you do make contact with a spirit, you'll likely have an uncomfortable experience.

Clear Your Mind

When trying to make contact with a spirit, sit quietly. Clear your mind of distractions, let yourself relax, and start to focus. One good time is right before you go to sleep at night. You don't have to speak out loud as spirits will often communicate with thoughts that hold their own energy. Having an online psychic chat can guide you in the best way to build your questions for spirits.

Don't expect answers to come immediately. As with any practice, you'll need time and patience. But contact will come.

Record Electronic Voice Phenomena

Recording Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, rests on the basic principle of asking questions as you would when you use the Ouija board. In this case, though, you record yourself asking the questions, then play back the recording to hear audio cues of spirits responding out loud. No Ouija board necessary!

Find the right environment and make sure you know your intentions before you start asking questions. You should also pay attention to other sensory feedback, like warm and cold spots or feeling apprehensive, while you're recording. Then thank the spirits, leave the site, and go to a comfortable place to listen to the recording. Turn up the silent parts to the highest setting and see what you find there.

Talk to a Psychic Medium

Nothing beats talking to a real psychic medium in your attempt to connect with a spirit. A clairaudient, for instance, can clearly hear what's not audible to most people. Working with a clairaudient can allow you to receive messages from those spirits trying to contact you.

You can also go to an experienced medium for a channeling session, where the medium lets themselves be inhabited by a spirit. Make sure you don't try this on your own. The experienced medium knows how to safely communicate with the spirit and get their messages to you.

Whatever method you choose, contacting spirits can be an intense and rewarding experience. Finding a real connection with a spirit can bring you important messages, insight into the afterlife, and put you on the right path to uncovering your future path and goals.


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