3 Ways to Amp Up the Positive Energy of Your Home by Psychic Roxanna

Published Date 3/26/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Designate one place for relaxation in your home.

Home sweet home: your positive, re-energized sanctuary. Get ready to feel invigorated! As you perform these simple steps you will literally feel the difference. 

Here are some “how-tos” to amp up the positive vibration of your home:

1. Remove clutter. 
Old magazines or newspapers, clothes that don't fit or are out of style or anything you don't need or use anymore has to go! Negative energy loves to cling to stagnant things. It wants to stick around and drag you down. Clean out closets; go room to room. As you’re doing this you’ll feel a burden being lifted. Donate what you can, recycle it or just throw it out. This step will take time but it’s well worth it! Don't forget the garage, the attic or the storage area. They count too!

2. Find your "sweet spot."
Create that cozy little niche in your home where you can unwind, relax, stop thinking and de-stress. I have a small corner area in my bedroom designated for exactly this purpose. I placed a beautiful light blue pillar candle on a small table and I light it every evening. When I walk into the room I can feel its peaceful glow. Pick a spot that feels good, away from the main living area of the home, that’s your detox spot. Use it daily and it’ll serve you well.

3. Stay positive. 
Now that you've removed the negative energy and brought all this positive energy in, make sure you’re prepared to maintain all that you've accomplished. It’s a simple but powerful last step! Before you open your front door or your garage, should that be the point of entry, ask God and/or the Positive Universe to release the negative stress of the day. You refuse to harbor this energy or bring it into your home… and mean it!

Think this is a lot of work for simple peace of mind? It’s worth it. Once you start the process you won't stop until you're done. You and your happy home sweet home will be glad you did.

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