3 Bond Building Tools for You and Your Spirit Team by Psychic Khloe

Published Date 6/8/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Connect with your spirit guides in a comfortable, safe space.

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“But Khloe, I feel sorta crazy doing it...” Let me tell you. You are FAR from crazy. 

Your Spirit Team always has your back but what most people don’t realize, is that they won’t fully intervene without your permission. In other words, they want you to say hello. Make friends with your guides and invite them into your world. They truly want to help. 

Most people’s first question is: How does this work or how do I talk to them?

Think passion. Think raw. And better yet, vulnerability. Your guides are your people so most importantly let them see the dark, dirty, messy parts of your life. They don’t judge. Talk open and freely in a comfortable safe space. Some people find this calming while driving, or while in meditation. Find what works for you - a system.

Always Attach Gratitude
To me, this is the most important and understated point. Always show thanks and blessings for what you do have. It helps contribute positives into your karma line. Positives will attract more positives. We want to keep you in that frame of mind. Thanking your spirit team for even the smallest of things will help manifest in other areas of your life. 

The Outcome: How do I know they heard me?
Learning to stay mindful and in the present isn’t an easy task but one I work on in my practice with my clients. Stopping to smell the flowers at the side of the road is as important in the journey, if not more important, than the final destination. 

While being in a mindful state - spirit will almost always validate that they heard you or that you are on the right track. Synchronicities or coincidences start to become a lot more common. For example, my guides often communicate to me through lyrics of music. I will get an urge to switch the radio to hear a song that has words that I resonate with. 

Stay aware of the signs your guides are trying to send you! And remember, building a bond with your spirit team will only be beneficial for you in the end.

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