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The Restricting and Restructuring of Capricorn Energy by Psychic Apollo

Date 1/5/2021
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Capricorn has a lot of energy associated with big business.

Capricorn has a lot of energy associated with big business.

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It would be a dishonor to write an article on Capricorn energy without focusing on the Big Three of our past year 2020. These three are the planets of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn which have come together resulting in COVID, BLM and the rewriting of history as we know it. 

Capricorn’s Connection to Big Business and Government

The malefic energy of Capricorn’s ruler Saturn is known for cutting corners. This has long been associated to the energy of big business everywhere. The select few at the top profit the most, while the majority of people working for the company make far less in comparison. Sound familiar? Not to mention, the power they hold over those towards the bottom of the career ladder. This is pretty common in every government too. It enforces laws, rules, and demands and at the same time doesn’t hold itself accountable to the same standards. Being situated so close to all of the legislation is perhaps too tempting for some, where they start looking for loopholes to serve their own self-interest.

The reason why all of this big change is happening in this sign is because Capricorn is the last tough energy we go through before change can occur. It’s right before Aquarius and Pisces. The last two signs of the zodiac have unmatched potential and imagination that will propel us into creating a new world, while keeping the best of the old Saturnian one. This means that as we get closer to the Aquarian energy of 2021, and we truly start to make things equal and accessible to all, we have to restructure how we do business, how we approach the law, and how we approach commitments altogether. 

Changing Our Personal Narrative

I’m sure you’ve already found 2020 to be such a restrictive year to live in. Despite the practices put in place by COVID, you’ve also had to shed habits (and people) you’ve had in your life for years, decades even. We’re all reevaluating these long-term aspects of our life. We might be throwing away the script altogether. Just like there is literal history being rewritten, we’re changing our personal narrative and what we’re after in the first place. 

Capricorn gives us direction. It’s the northernmost part of our charts. It’s a sense of security, wealth, and achievement that we all aspire to have. Now, we’re seeing how limiting these aspirations can be. Maybe what we're really doing is harnessing the power of discernment. After all, the coming Aquarius energy will be throwing us the most innovative, somewhat impractical suggestions going forward. This Capricorn energy can show us how to prioritize things, when there’s seemingly less parameters to guide us.

Think of this year as one big business meeting… with all of the suits. But YOU finally have the ultimate say-so. Even executives get nervous when there’s a lot on the table. What will you do with this power?

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