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The Connection Between Astrology and the Tarot by Psychic Michael

Date 1/23/2023
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Astrology and The Tarot are connected in a variety of ways.

Astrology and The Tarot are connected in a variety of ways.

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There is a profound connection between Astrology and Tarot that is often confused as one in the same by those that aren’t knowledgeable on what both of these actually are. Many individuals are under the assumption that one cannot be expressed in any manner without automatically including the other. Though there is a deep connection here, this is simply not the case. For instance, one can find many Astrologers that do not understand what Tarot is nor can read it. The same goes for Tarot Readers as you will find some of them only have a basic understanding of Astrology limited to only a person’s Sun Sign (more on this later).

In order to understand the connection between Astrology and Tarot, we must first understand what each of these things is in their separate existence.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is essentially known as the study and practice of the correlation between planetary alignments as well as the stars, and how they influence and affect our human lives, traits, and characteristics. Though a person has free will, there is a direct pattern and connection to the planets and stars at given times in relation to a person’s time of birth. Any given person’s general personality traits, behaviors, natural inclinations, success areas, struggles, emotional characteristics, and so much more can be determined by this alignment more properly known as a person’s “natal or birth chart.” Astrology in this case would be considered a “roadmap” to how an individual is and will respond in virtually all situations, and what can be expected to occur in any aspect of a person’s life. 

What is The Tarot?

Now lets us take a peek into what Tarot is. Tarot is the practice of using what are known as either tarot cards or playing cards to gain insight into the past, present, and future of any given situation. This is known as divination as a person will be seeking knowledge and wisdom using what some believe are via supernatural means. It gives a person the ability to foresee, predict, and gain clarity that they normally wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain. The real truth of the matter is that the cards themselves do not have the ability to provide this information as the Tarot cards are merely a tool.

Tarot cards for Readers are no different than surgical tools for Doctors. The tools themselves do not have the power or ability to perform surgery as that ability is within the Doctor. 

Connecting Astrology and Tarot

Now we will take a look at how Astrology and Tarot are connected. They are both considered tools for divination, and have a profound connection as both of these tools are often used in conjunction. Think about how we use a fork with a knife. Both are separate utensils used for eating and can be used together at the same time for the same purpose. Astrology and Tarot are often used in this same manner. The artwork and notations found on Tarot cards are often based on Zodiac Signs which originate from Astrology. There’s also an innate spiritual connection here as there are often repeating themes of Astrology that take place during Tarot Readings such as certain planets and stars showing up with certain Tarot Cards.

It’s very hard to separate the two, and they seamlessly go hand and hand no matter how you perceive either. These entirely separate practices almost always find a way to connect with one another, and perhaps that alone is the mystical and spiritual connection we all seek to understand.

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