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Loving a Libra Man

Date 1/11/2021
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How do you love a Libra Man?

How do you love a Libra Man?

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As we have arrived at the season of the Autumn Equinox, we move into the sign of Libra, those born between September 23rd- October 22nd. In the sign of Libra, we see an individual that is ruled by the planet Venus, which represents the God/Goddess of love. The Astrological sign of Libra signifies partnerships, romantic relationships, beauty, abundance and creativity. It represents the scales of Justice and balancing ones Masculine and Feminine energies within. The evolving soul of Libra has matured and learned the lessons accumulated in Virgo and the other previous signs. The Libra consciousness has now fully grown, aware of the light and darkness, it has struggled through maturity and knows both sides of the shadow and sunshine in life. The soul is now equipped and ready to act with a blend of wisdom and balance, carefully weighing out decisions and embracing harmony, truth, and peace.

To the Libra man, love is a balance of mind and heart. The Libra soul is not too passionate about love and not too detached, but rather they try to keep an equal balance, finding a happy medium to be shared in the relationship. The Libra man can be infatuated with love and appearances, so they recognize that they love but do not know the reasons why they do.

What is Love to a Libra Man?

Love to a Libra man is a balanced harmonious partnership between two people where there is an equal give and take. The sign of Libra is naturally romantic and loving so they feel very comfortable with showing their affection towards their lover. The Libra man is a very sexual sign and embraces public displays of affection such as hand holding, kissing, hugging, and any other forms of physical contact with his partner.

The Libra soul is a friendly, calm and relaxed individual who enjoys socializing with others. He can be a bit of a social butterfly as he loves to engage in stimulating intellectual conversation with people and has a natural charm that is both attractive and seductive. The Libra man is sentimental yet practical, he views love as balancing life and satisfying the desire for harmony and peace. He does not enjoy being alone, he’d rather have a lover or partner by his side to experience the joys and sorrows of life together as one. There can be emotional indecision on his part as he can be on a search for his one true love. The Libra man's positive qualities are his emotional balance, intelligence, charm, sense of justice, and sociable nature. He can also be argumentative, pleasure seeking, lazy, indecisive, and temperamental. Love to a Libra man is about carefully weighing out logic with emotion creating a harmonious balance of giving and receiving love in its highest form in a relationship.

Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes of the Libra Man

The Libra man is a very romantic and sexual lover and partner. They think about sex at least once a day and would be completely satisfied if they had sex seven days a week. If not possible, he would at least prefer three to four times a week. The Libra man enjoys having at least fifteen or more minutes of foreplay as he is devoted to the act with a partner. He may try to have sex on the first date, or he may wait for a few months depending on how he feels about the woman and if there is a connection.

As an air sign, Libra rules over intellectual thought causing Libra men to have a rational mind. He believes in monogamy and will be faithful if both partners have decided to be loyal. The Libra man views the intimacy of sex as transcending the spiritual plane, but he would not see it as a being spiritual. He views sexual intercourse as becoming one with his lover or mate. The Libra man is quite expressive with saying what is on his mind, but he may hold back when it comes to expressing his sexual needs and desires.

What Qualities Does the Libra Man Look For in a Woman?

The Libra man loves beautiful things. He is first attracted to her face and eyes, but he does take notice to her hips and buttocks as he rules the lower back and butt in astrology. He will be initially turned on by a woman who is a good person on the inside and has good energy and vibes surrounding her. He also values someone who is spiritual and that he can have intellectually stimulating conversation with as he can be quite sociable and charming. The Libra man looks for a woman who cares about the way she dresses in public and presents herself in a classy, respectful demeanor. He is most intrigued by a woman's eyes, laughter, and someone who is not loud but soft spoken and elegant.

To Libras, a woman who is self-confident, classy, wears her makeup well and has style in the way she dresses is what he will find most appealing. Most importantly, a Libra man is a good conversationalist, so he would love to be with someone who is also talkative and open to intellectual conversations on a date. He is most turned off by a woman who is vulgar, loud, or rude in public. He prefers to be in a woman’s company who is calm, relaxed, and goes with the flow.

Libra Turn-Ons:

  • Beautiful face/eyes
  • Nice shaped butt and hips
  • Nice breasts
  • Spiritual/positive outlook
  • Good vibes/energy
  • Sense of style
  • Intelligent
  • Good conversationalist
  • Good person on the inside
  • Classy
  • Carries herself confidently

Libra Turn-Offs:

  • Loud/vulgar behavior
  • Rude/makes a scene in public
  • Someone who has no style/dresses poorly
  • Little interest in their looks
  • Ignorant/crude

Dating a Libra Man:

When dating a Libra man, he enjoys intellectual conversations and loves to treat a woman to a beautiful evening that is both romantic and stimulating. He is the type of man who will bring a woman flowers on a first date and his gestures will be very charming and loving in nature. The Libra man enjoys romantic dinners, the movies or theatre, the ocean, and driving around talking and getting to know each other better while listening to music. The Libra man views a perfect date or evening with a woman where they can simply socialize and get to know one another to see if it is a good fit for a relationship or deeper love connection. Public displays of affection are important to him as he loves to be affectionate towards his partner as a way of expressing his love for her.

The Libra man is extremely charming and enjoys flirting when getting to know his lover and he finds it most pleasurable to observe other people kissing, hugging, and touching in public. He would even consider having sex in public or somewhere where it is openly displayed such as in his car, a park or a movie theatre. He wants closeness and loves to cuddle as it gives him a satisfying sense of connection to his partner. The Libra man is very stimulated by a woman when there is a strong sexual chemistry and will display his affection toward her as long as she is comfortable with him. He is not pushy and will not behave inappropriately, unless she is willing and allows it.

The Perfect Date:

The perfect date to a Libra man is taking his woman out for a romantic evening of stimulating conversation over a nice dinner at a fine dining restaurant. He would also enjoy going to see a movie or show at the theatre, taking a walk holding hands on the beach, driving and having engaging conversations with one another and enjoying one on one time with his partner. The Libra man is very sensual and peaceful, so he enjoys any kind of activities where it is calm, relaxed and balanced. He would love to do creative projects or activities with the one he loves and embracing anything where he can show public displays of affection.

The Libra man will wine and dine you if you let him as he is both charming and sweet. Don’t be surprised if he brings you roses on a first date or whispers sweet nothings in your ear while holding your hand. He is the type of man that embraces his intellectual side and just wants to show a woman a good time while keeping her feeling happy and satisfied in his company.

Famous Libra Men:

  • Zac Efron
  • Will Smith
  • Eminem
  • Matt Damon
  • John Lennon
  • Jeff Goldblum
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Luke Perry
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Simon Cowell
  • Michael Douglas

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