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A Guide to Venus Transits Through Each Zodiac Sign by Psychic Annie

Date 4/28/2023
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Let us take a closer look at Venus, the planet of love, and how the energy of this planet expresses itself with each of the twelve zodiac signs.

Venus Transits

As a refresher, a Planetary Transit is when a planet crosses paths with one of the twelve zodiac signs. Venus's transit plays a crucial role for the collective because Venus speaks for the ways we wish to be loved, and express love, as well as the things we find beauty in. Venus can predict key facts about your soulmate such as when you will find this person, where you meet them, and even their zodiac sign. Venus can also represent luxury and material belongings. Some may call Venus the hopeless romantic, while others may call her the ultimate material girl. Personally, I like to call her both!

Venus Transits Through Each Zodiac Sign


Aries Zodiac Sign

Venus in Aries - The Competitive Lover

Venus in Aries seeks relationships that help this sign express who they are: bold, brave, and confident. This can be a difficult placement for Venus as this planet is at its detriment. Aries enjoys victory and when in Venus this placement feels that love is something to conquer. You may enjoy "winning" a partner over or people fighting over you. You could enjoy people wanting to compete for your love. Marilyn Monroe had her Venus in Aries and she was one of the most pressured women of all time. Aries Venus wants to feel like their love is a prize to be won. They desire a partner who chases after them. They also value people who can bring lots of passion and excitement into their lives. The best way to win this sign over is to not be afraid of taking risks and trying new things. If you are an Aries Venus, the advice here is to focus on enjoying yourself with the person rather than making things a contest.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Venus in Taurus - The Grounded Lover

Venus is at home in the sign of Taurus. She finds that she freely and easily expresses herself the most in Taurus. Their Earth influence makes them the perfect partner for those who need a person that can help ground them. These people are great at providing a blanket of warmth and security to their lovers. I will mention this sign also loves luxury. But the way this placement expresses luxury is quite different. If you are wanting to wow or impress someone you know with this sign your best options will be romantic dinner dates (home-cooked meals are a bonus). Gifts of fresh flowers, candles, and soaps will always win a Taurus Venus over too. 

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Venus in Gemini - The Authentic Lover

This could come as a shock to some, but when looking at Venus in Gemini I find that these are one of the most authentic lovers of the zodiac. Venus enjoys the easy-breezy energy she senses when in the air sign Gemini. This placement can easily express their thoughts, desires, and feelings with the utmost honesty. Geminis (despite their two-faced reputation) are some of the most honest placements. This is because these people love communication and educating the people around them. Gemini Venus will show you their love through affirming and kind words. All in all, this is one of my favorite Venus signs. The best way to win these signs over is by being consistent and communicative!

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Venus in Cancer - The Lover Who Wears Their Heart on Their Sleeve

When Venus is in Cancer she takes on a much more vulnerable energy. Their emotionally understanding nature makes this sign an intuitive and compassionate lover. These placements need to feel extra loved and secure in their connections as they are vulnerable. This sign requires a partner who is consistent and committed to them. If you have this sign in your birth chart you may find that it takes a while for you to feel secure in your connections. Instead of asking yourself if this person likes you, you need to ask yourself if you like them. The best way to win over a Cancer Venus is by always doing your best to show these people that their feelings are your priority. Small loving gestures, thoughtful words, and lots of physical touches will help them break out of their tougher shells.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Venus in Leo - The Generous Lover

Venus loves the vibrant and warm energy she gets to embody when visiting sun-ruled Leo. This energy often makes those with this Venus sign super generous lovers. They love to share all their happiness, joy, and luxury with the people they care most about. Leo are known for wanting to spoil their partners rotten with fancy gifts and experiences. However what I love the most about this sign is that no matter what mood the person is in, it never has a negative influence on their desire to make their partners feel loved! Leo Venus people will always go the extra mile to show you how grateful they are to have you by their side. The best way to win a Leo Venus over is to share the love with them! Now if you are a Leo Venus, be careful with how much you give. Make sure you are receiving the same amount of effort and stability from others too.

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Venus in Virgo - The Observant Lover

Now I will say Venus isn't easy in the sign of Virgo. This is because Venus is at its fall when in this sign. She does not have the easiest time expressing herself. With this in mind, Venus Virgos express love much differently than the other signs do. This placement is observant and astute. They will pay attention to every detail about you. For example, they will know exactly how you enjoy your morning cup of coffee, your go-to order at your favorite restaurant, and other tiny details about you. When a Virgo Venus loves you, they will want to know everything about you. They'll show deep levels of fascination with anything you have to say and what your interests are. Now Virgo Venus can be a bit critical at times, however, they don't ever mean to hurt your feelings, they just want to help. If you are wanting to win over a Virgo Venus, you should look your best, speak openly, don't bring drama to the table, and be ready to cater to their interests. To Venus Virgos, the guidance here is to learn the balance between helpful advice and hurtful critiques and not be so bothered by tiny things you may not love about your partner. Use your analytical skills to create compromise and fair ground for you both to stand on.

Libra Zodiac Sign

Venus in Libra - The Balanced Lover

Venus is at home in Libra, the zodiac sign driven by love and relationships. People with this placement seek relationships that embrace peace, love, and harmony. Venus is the ruler of Libra and likes to hone into the more social parts of the zodiac sign. They strive for equality and fairness. Libra Venus people want to create relationships that fulfill both them and their partners. Those with this placement desire romance so they will be open to any kind of love language. But, the main love language they accept the most is quality time as they value connecting with their partners the most. If you are trying to win over a Libra Venus tap into your more artsy and charming side. These signs love art so think fashion, beauty, music, books, or even architecture! Conversations involving these subjects will have them hooked! Don't be afraid to turn up the charm either (however do not become someone you are not as this sign does not like a poser). Be open to creating balance and learn to compromise as this sign desires a partner who wants to create fairness. Libra Venus's advice to you is do not romanticize someone so quickly, really get to know someone first.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Venus in Scorpio - The Lover with Depth

Venus is at its detriment in the sign of Scorpio, meaning it can be difficult for Venus and Scorpio to exist with one another given their very opposite natures. Venus wants to love and attract, while Scorpio wants to deconstruct and dissect things. However, these two make this dynamic work by finding love that has the depth they need to feel loved and to love others. Most of the time this sign is very private when it comes to their relationships. Winning over Scorpio is a waiting game and requires patience. It will take this sign a long time to open up and trust you. The biggest thing this sign needs is trust and good communication. They want to feel heard and understood by the people closest to them. If you are a Scorpio Venus the advice for you is to not be afraid of putting yourself out there more, the worst thing that can happen is someone says no.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Venus in Sagittarius - The Spontaneous Lover

If Venus transits through Sagittarius in your birth chart, I will bet that you have no problem taking the initiative or making the first move. Your bravery and confidence make the thrill of the chase all the more exciting. Venus has lots of fun in this sign and loves feeling the passionate rush Sagittarius energy brings. Sagittarius Venus placements are not shy at all when it comes to expressing their feelings. However, Sagittarius Venus people are notorious for being what we might call "players." Sagittarius placements are not willing to lose freedom so quickly. Monogamous relationships can be complicated for you. The solution to this is learning that commitment does not hold you back. You can find all the passion and love you seek in one person without risking your freedom and individuality.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Venus in Capricorn - The Old-Fashioned Lover

I find this placement to be the most fascinating. The Saturn-Ruled Capricorn meeting with The Goddess of Love creates a powerful dynamic of stability and romance. Venus enjoys this committed energy. Those with this sign in their Venus placement are not super open with love and dating. It can take a much longer time for those with a Capricorn Venus to enter into a relationship. That is because this sign does not like to play games or wait on others. This sign’s time is too precious to be spent wondering if they will hear back from someone. Capricorn Venus placements are traditional when it comes to love. They take extra time when getting to know someone. Similar to Scorpio Venus these placements do not open up right away. This is somebody old-fashioned when it comes to romance. Capricorn Venus is not a one-night stand or smooch on the first date person. These signs need to see and know their time is not being wasted before they start to show their more affectionate side. If you want to win over a Capricorn Venus their love language is quality time and acts of service. Be there for them and offer help even if assistance isn't asked of you. Do not look for time, rather make time for a Capricorn Venus. Gift-giving is also a plus. This sign loves a direct style of communication. Be honest and intentional as this sign is ruled by the planet of karma, so they will smell a lie 100 miles away. If you are a Capricorn Venus looking for love the advice here is to stop keeping a wall around you, it's okay to put yourself out there and explore different options.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Venus in Aquarius - The Unconventional Lover

Venus in Aquarius' deepest desire is to find a partner how accepts all of their quirks. This sign is untraditional when it comes to creating relationships. These are the kind of individuals who break the status quo set around love and relationships. This sign is also open to all types of relationships and willing to experiment with new ideas. With that said, know that being involved with this sign is not for the faint of heart. Venus Aquarius people crave a lover willing to help create a unique path in love. Monogamous connections are not their strongest suit, and they can be cold at times. The good news is that if they feel a deep enough connection this placement will put their focus solely on you. If you want to win over a Venus Aquarius, be open to having an open-minded and bigger-picture way of thinking. See things deeper than what is on the surface. Share your quirks with them! If you are an Aquarius Venus, the advice here is don't be so detached from those who express a desire to be with you. Give people a chance.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Venus in Pisces - The Dreamy Lover

The whimsical Neptune meets with the beautiful Venus to share a dance around the solar system in ecstasy. Venus in Pisces is a truly divine place to hold. One, because Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus loves… well, Love! And what better sign to share that love with other than dreamy and romantic Pisces! Venus can easily radiate its delicate feminine energy when aligned with this sign. Those with a Pisces Venus are dreamers, they fantasize about finding the special someone to share happily ever after with. This placement gives me a fairy-tale-like energy. Love is what makes the world go round for this placement. When this sign loves they love deeply. However, rather than intense depth like their sister sign Scorpio, this sign loves with a blissful depth full of mystique and fantasy. Their compassion for others makes this sign super intuitive with the thoughts and feelings of those important to them. These signs of love language are physical touch and words of affirmation. The best way to win this sign over is to take on a tender and loving energy with them. Let your softer side show as they will appreciate this. If you are a Pisces Venus, the advice here is to not fully plunge yourself into partnerships. Make sure you are not falling for a version of the person you created in a daydream. Words can only say so much. A person's actions and time show you where you truly stand in the heart of others.

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I hope you enjoyed taking a deeper look into Venus Transits through each zodiac sign. To learn how to work with your Venus placement to the highest of its power or to learn more about what this transit can bring to you in your love life, give myself or one of our many amazing gifted astrologists here at Psychic Source a call today!


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