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Loving a Cancer Man

Date 7/7/2020
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How do you love a Cancer Man?

How do you love a Cancer Man?

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As we move into the Summer Solstice, we enter into the astrological sign of Cancer from June 21st - July 22nd. The fourth sign of the astrological zodiac, Cancer is ruled by the Moon which governs our emotional body and how we react to our inner emotions and our outer home life, environment and family. Cancer is symbolized by the Mother who is the nurturer and care giver. She is the natural provider and giver of the emotions and traditional family values.

The Cancer man feels emotions deeply in a relationship and wants the reciprocation of a partner to understand him on an emotional level and give in to his needs and wants. In the sign of Cancer, we see someone who is a hopeless romantic and who can get lost in his daydreams as he is highly imaginative. He is quite a protective crab and can easily become wounded or defensive if someone does not understand him emotionally in a committed relationship. He portrays himself as a stable, safe partner who would like to spoil his lover or partner with attention and to fully satisfy them in every way. He can be quite insecure emotionally and get caught up in how he is feeling. Don’t be surprised if he retreats back into his shell, withdrawing himself from the world and even his closest relationships.

What is Love to a Cancer Man?

Love to a Cancer man is nurturing and sensitive. He is concerned with family, home, and comforts such as food and feeling the emotional closeness of a woman. The Cancer man enjoys the pleasures of love making and the emotional commitment of sharing with his partner. The Cancer man is the perfect gentlemen or charming prince that can sweep you off your feet as he is quite composed and cool on the outside but brewing with emotions and eroticism on the inside. He longs for his soulmate or perfect partner to go through this life journey hand in hand sharing love and emotional intimacy.

To Cancer, love is greatly connected with the bond or relationship they had as a child with their mother. If they had a close bonded connection with their mother, there can be a dependency or attachment that is hard to break free from which can lead to unhealthy relationship patterns of being overly dependent on the woman. If the mother was absent from their lives, they have a hard time opening up emotionally as they may have trust issues around being vulnerable with their feelings. They may hide away and retreat into their shells as the Cancer "Crab" can often do when feeling insecure.

Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes of the Cancer Man

Cancer is a highly sexual sign and thinks about sex almost every day. The Cancer man is triggered or can be set off by certain colognes or perfume smells that remind him of his lover and then he will think of sex. He is by nature very giving and nurturing so he strives to tease his partner as he is tuned into their needs and wants. The Cancer man enjoys having sex at least four times a week (or more!) as he thinks about it daily. He loves to fantasize and be imaginative around foreplay and how he wants to seduce his lover when they become intimate.

Cancer is a water sign, so he is known for being sexually active and quite emotional towards his partner. He enjoys the act of foreplay and using his imagination to think of new and exciting things to do to spice things up in the bedroom. He craves affection and is flirtatious when he is fully confident in himself. The Cancer man is possessive at times, but this is his way of being protective in a relationship as he wants his woman to be all for himself. He is a traditional man who wants to marry a woman who has certain family values and will act as a mother in the relationship.

What Qualities Does the Cancer Man Look For in a Woman?

The Cancer man looks for a woman who has traditional values regarding children and marriage. He is pleased with a partner who enjoys cooking and even gardening. He enjoys a woman who is feminine, has a great smile and positive energy. He is most attracted to her eyes and someone who is self-assured and confident. The Cancer man loves a feminine woman so if she has large breasts, a nice butt, and a good physique he will be highly turned on by her and will be very interested in getting to know her better. He also examines her weight and is most attracted and turned on by a woman who is curvy, yet fit, and takes good care of herself.

He is a classy man and quite fashionable, so he loves meeting a woman who knows how to dress well and is put together. The Cancer man will pay attention to the tiniest details of a woman as far being well groomed including her hair, nice manicured fingernails and toes and lovely skin. The more feminine the woman is, the better of a match she will be for him as he loves a woman that takes good care of her beauty and outer appearance.

Cancer Turn-Ons:

- Feminine
- Large breasts
- Nice sized butt
- Great smile
- Full lips
- Well-groomed long hair
- Nice hands/fingernails/toes
- Positive energy and behavior
- Lovely skin
- Self-assured/confident
- Great eyes
- Sense of humor

Cancer Turn-Offs:

- Talking too much/loud
- Lacking discretion or respect
- Being too clingy
- Smoking
- Overly possessive
- Narrow minded
- Bitchiness/obnoxious behavior
- Sloppy clothing/not dressing well

Dating a Cancer Man:

The Cancer man loves food, so naturally he enjoys dining out or having a picnic at the park with his partner. Anything that has to do with food he will absolutely love on a date! He does enjoy adventure and outdoor activities, so taking a long walk or driving near the water will be quite relaxing and romantic for him as it gives him time to get to know his lover and have long conversations with them. The Cancer man enjoys dinners and going out to see movies with his partner as well as spending time in nature near the ocean or the woods. He is romantic by nature so he will enjoy looking deeply into his partners eyes while sharing emotions and stories with one another as they are getting to know each other better. He is nurturing and caring so will be a perfect gentleman when courting you out on a date, he may even be the type to open doors for you and give you his jacket when you’re cold.

The Perfect Date:

The perfect date to a Cancer man would be going out to a nice fine dining restaurant with you or simply enjoying a nice, home-cooked meal while having a long conversation with one another. He enjoys sharing food with his partner as Cancer is ruled by the stomach. A Cancer man definitely fits the quote "The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach." He loves the outdoors so can be up for skiing, swimming, hiking, or any type of water sports as he usually enjoys the water as it is his natural home and habitat. The Cancer man will love to take long walks with you, even on first dates, as he wants to take his time getting to know you as a person. He likes to stare deeply into your eyes as he is a hopeless romantic and will fantasize while he is having deep conversations with you. The Cancer man is warm, friendly and very nurturing so people are drawn to his energy and will naturally open themselves up to him. He wants to build a trustworthy committed relationship that is based on sharing your innermost emotions and desires with one another.

Famous Cancer Men:

- Tom Cruise
- Tobey Maguire
- Harrison Ford
- Tom Hanks
- Willem Dafoe
- Robin Williams
- Josh Hartnett
- John Cusack
- Carson Daly
- Kevin Bacon
- Chris Pratt
- Donald Sutherland

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