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New Year - New Decade: An Astrological Peek Ahead by Psychic Suzi

Date 5/30/2024

What can you expect to see globally in the next 10 years?

What can you expect to see globally in the next 10 years?

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To say we live in interesting times is perhaps an understatement these days.  The New Year (and New Decade) recently began under the numerology vibration of 2020 which is reduced to the #4 (2+0+2+0). It is time to prepare for major deconstruction and rebuilding on many levels from our individual lives to the global community. 

A heavy overtone of planets in the earth sign of Capricorn represent the old sentinels of tradition that are changing to rebuild our world for a better tomorrow. Capricorn rules governments, long standing institutions (like royal families and old corporations), the elderly and seniors, world power, ambition, male oriented society and judgment.

It also covers things that have held us back like fears, bad habits, misplaced responsibilities and a lack of flexibility. A cosmic clock is ticking for important shifts as we step forward with a cup of courage in hand into a future full of amazing possibilities. Capricorn is slow moving so changes that are made this year (and throughout the decade to come) will endure.
Let’s take a peek at what is ahead.
** Great Britain will leave the EU, but not without more changes/shifts as they rebuild their reputation in a new direction.
** From 3/22/2020 to 7/1/2020 Saturn enters futuristic Aquarius. This will provide a glimpse of new tech toys, services, big business mergers and global humanitarian efforts.
** The highly anticipated United States Presidential Election occurs on 11/3/2020.  Expect a wild ride with record breaking voting for this election. It will come down to two men. Prepare for mix-ups and delays as Mercury Retrograde turns direct on Election Day (anyone remember hanging chads). The winner will win by a large margin.
** The British Royal Family will have more changes as responsibilities continue to shift towards new future ruler ship.  Former Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meagan could become pregnant this year.
** California is sensitive to earthquakes March – May 2020.
** More young voices like Greta Thunberg will rise in the name of climate change.
** Neptune in Pisces (the planet of scandals) will reveal a big one tied to the drug companies. More efforts for reasonable priced meds will be front and center and a possible injection to help those with addiction issues.
** Amazing advances as new “SMART” homes are designed to point the way to future living on our planet.
** The film industry will introduce amazing new technology taking movies to the next level. The old movie houses could become historic sites as new laser tech could beam new films/releases to your home directly.
** Women will continue to rise and lead companies and corporations as more balance in pay evens out. A woman could be elected Vice President during this decade.
** Travel into space will be open to the general public. We will have a program in place to start travel to Mars.
** England will have a new ruler in place by the end of this decade.

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