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Mars in Retrograde: Everything You Need to Know by Psychic Marlo

Date 12/8/2022
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Wait, Mars goes Retrograde? I’ve only heard about Mercury Retrograde! Now I have to worry about Mars too?! In short, yes! Mars also goes Retrograde! But also No, because there is absolutely nothing to worry about! Whew!

When planets go Retrograde this means that the planet “shifts” its spinning and goes “backwards” (The planet itself does not spin backwards but creates an optical illusion in which from Earth, it seems as if the planet is spinning in the opposite direction) and will return back through the astrological signs. So, if Mars was in the sign of Cancer and then moves back into the sign of Gemini, the symbolic and energetic meaning behind any retrograde is the opportunity for “re-evaluation” of whatever that planet represents and it will happen in the quality of whatever sign in which it is residing. 

The retrograde energy symbolically can represent a time of slowing down and becoming conscious of these areas in your life. If you also take into consideration your Zodiac sign, you are going to get a pretty pinpointed and exact way that the Retrograde may affect your life. Keep reading to discover all about Mars in Retrograde and look out for your Zodiac Sign! 

Planet Mars

What Happens when Mars is in Retrograde? 

The planet Mars is ruled by its namesake Mars, the Greek God of War. Because of this Mars is symbolic of conflict, conflict resolution, strength, resiliency, passion, action, and even business and money. In our contemporary world, it relates more to work, career, interpersonal relationships, energy spent on them, and your connection to sexuality and desire. This desire can also transcend sexual attraction into the desire you have for your career or creative pursuits.

So, what happens then? This will be a time when many of these areas of your life will have a sort of focus. You may notice if you are in conflict with a partner there is a desire to “find a different way” of seeking a resolution. Or you may be inspired to make a move in your career or start something new completely. Since the energy is not as high in these areas as normal, you should see some space to really contemplate and observe what you think of in these areas of your life. Patience will also be your friend during this time as low energy may not always have everyone on the same page.

Mars Retrograde – Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do take time to breathe and be patient when you approach resolving conflict or creating new structures with those in your life. 
  • Do write down and record any big new creative ideas or aspirations in your career so you have them for later.
  • Do reach out to a psychic reader or support system to work out your latest ideas or desires for a shift. 
  • Don’t worry about implementing all of your realizations at once or quickly. Take your time! Little by little!
  • Don’t hold it all inside and hope it goes away. It will only keep increasing the need to address these elements over time until you may burst!

Mars in Retrograde in Each of the Zodiac Signs

Aries Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Aries

Aries, since your planetary ruler is Mars, you will feel the double effects of this Retrograde! But don’t panic! This can be a really exciting time for you to slow down, exercise patience and see how you can observe the changes you want without jumping to fix them right away. As an expert self-starter, I know you have no difficulties acting to make the change you want but this Retrograde is asking you to make this change slowly, over time, and with the least amount of effort. How would it feel to put all your energy at ease during this time?

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Taurus

Taurus, you may be feeling extra sluggish during this time. You are no stranger to the benefits of slowing down and space, but this kind of low energy may be a bit more than you need. Unlike other signs, this may be a suitable time for you to realize where in your relationships, career, and creative pursuits you could be putting in more work. Or at least more focus. Remember this doesn’t have to be a guilt party! It may be exciting to find small subtle ways to show those around you, you care or to revel in the creation of something important to you. Implement these realizations little by little and make sure it's pleasurable the whole way through!

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Gemini, a Mars Retrograde is always a fun time to learn more about the nuances of communication in the areas of your life that DON’T involve language. How do you act on your love? This is a time for you to get creative and in your body. Perhaps taking a movement class of sorts can show you ways to express yourself through movement. What are some actions you have wanted to take toward your career without outright asking for a raise or something to this extent? Find small ways to get into your version of action so you can learn even more about how you can master all facets of communication and learning!

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Cancer

Cancer, Mars in Retrograde is going to ask you to slow down and THINK about relationships in your life and how they are affecting you. These relationships are not just the ones with lovers or spouses but your relationship to work and even your relationship to yourself. How much energy do you put into others that you may not be putting into yourself? As a sign that acts on your emotions, this Retrograde will really help you slow down and think through the current elements of Mars more intellectually and where you may need to adjust. Thinking is as valuable as feeling! They both work best together in balance and this Retrograde will remind you of that.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Leo

Leo, Mars in Retrograde is a valuable time to remember why it is you do what you do and who you decide to surround yourself with. You may be comfortable with the people and situations you surround yourself with, but they may not be helping you grow or learn new ways to resolve conflict or try something new. This Retrograde is asking you to evaluate where you can strive to shake it up a little which may require moments of calm, patience, and introspection. If there are people or situations that aren’t lining up with a bigger vision you’ve been holding close, Mars is asking for you to start thinking of ways to slowly let it go—to invite in more new energy later. Remember Lion, a good leader always strives to learn and grow so they can better serve their people!

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Virgo

Virgo, Mars in Retrograde may be a bit unsettling for you, but don’t worry it is here to help you gain more wisdom. This energy will not allow for too much movement, and you’ll need to sit with the discomfort of the things you haven’t been able to figure out on your own. What is conflict resolution if it only resolves for you? Are there areas of your relationships, passions, or career where you may need to seek out the opinions of others in order to get through it? You have such a knack for introspection but remember, it takes two to tango, it takes a village to overcome—you’re not in this alone, and small steps to let others support you will lead to deeper connection and commitment.

Libra Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Libra

Libra, you may put a lot of focus on the other—those relationships in your life that are most important. But this Mars Retrograde is asking you to look at what areas in your life you are searching for more that don’t involve other people. Do you struggle to find joy in the trivial things—or don’t even know what those little things are right now? This will be an exciting time to take small steps towards finding how you can focus on your passions without connecting them to a person, place, or outcome—but just for the joy and pleasure of doing it! The energy will be low so do not work against it, work with it and sink into a pleasurable flow.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Scorpio

Scorpio, Mars in Retrograde for you will be about embracing all the areas of conflict, career, and passion without accepting the esoteric as your answer to it. You may find yourself embracing a realized spiritual standpoint on many things like “the cards will fall where they may” but this retrograde will be asking you to focus on the tangible worldly things a bit in a more realistic way. What actual actions do you need to take to figure out which cards may fall for example? Acceptance is key but so is questioning for the sake of growth. So, see what actions can facilitate a new awakening.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius

Sagittarius, Mars in Retrograde will be asking the question: “How can you be active in stillness?” Energy will be low and the opportunity for movement will be less—so when it comes to the action of pursuing your dreams or finding more understanding in relationships, how can you feel the activity when you sit back and let it work itself out? Uncomfortable right? That is the key for you this retrograde. Being okay with letting things unfold without “trying” to fix or change anything. This will be a time to sit back and let the wisdom and the realizations to come to you - instead of going out to find them.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Capricorn

Capricorn, Mars in Retrograde will give you all the space to reevaluate the way you are connecting to your relationships, passion, and work. Are you finding yourself over-committing to your job but have not slowed down enough to figure out where you can conserve energy or innovate the way you’re doing something? This is your time. If there are difficulties in conflict this will also be a time to reflect on or strategize how to approach conflict with a lighter heart or a more constructive way. Find the actions that can support you in these shifts and slowly invite them into these areas.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Aquarius, Mars in Retrograde will encourage you to look at what areas you may have been ignoring or avoiding when it comes to relationships or career. Have you avoided having certain tense conversations because on your end it may feel unnecessary? Where do you need to slow down and open your heart to a deeper understanding of communication to facilitate a more mutually aligned life? These areas of avoidance will be quite loud and want your attention—you have put it off enough, and now is an exciting time to shift your energy towards them because they want you to! On the other end of it you will feel much lighter I promise!

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Mars Retrograde in Pisces

Pisces, Mars in Retrograde will be pulling you down to the Earth both metaphorically and energetically. You may not have the energy to jump up into dreamland which is intentional because there may be some facets of your life you have been leaving down here on earth in exchange for more freedom in your spiritual dream worlds. This Retrograde will ask you to think less romantically and invite your practicality to the table. Try to push yourself to act on some of the realizations you have—because all of us have been waiting for your insight, your clarity, and your empathy.



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Marlo is a Psychic with a passion for Tarot Reading and Astrology. She holds a Masters Degree in Art from an Ivy League school and is a certified Spiritual Coach with 13 years of professional psychic reading experience—she even has read for several celebrities! She is a poet, author, and performer and in her spare time runs covens and community circles for women to heal and overcome their difficulties.


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