Loving a Sagittarius Man

Date 12/7/2020
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How do you love a Sagittarius Man?

How do you love a Sagittarius Man?

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In the adventurous, philosophical sign of Sagittarius the Archer, we experience the transition of Autumn into the season of Winter. It is now where the last and final fire element emerges into an evolving soul who seeks the truth and emerges from the darkness and depths of the previous sign of Scorpio into a beacon of heroism at its finest. For those born between November 22nd - December 21st, the traditional Sagittarius zodiac symbol is a Centaur which is half man/half horse who shoots his arrow at his target which is knowledge and exposes the truth at all costs. As we move into the sign of Sagittarius, we embrace hope, optimism, and philosophical truth and its ruling planet Jupiter symbolizes expansiveness, travel, higher learning and philosophy, teaching, and the prophet. The Sagittarius man probes further into the unknown to explore the mind and to attempt to unravel the mysteries or secrets of human behavior and higher learning.

The Sagittarius soul has a depth and restlessness to it. He embraces his individuality, seeks adventure and wants to explore different cultures and people to learn new ideas and concepts to expose the truth. Sagittarius is a fire sign and is a man of blind faith and optimism who searches for direct truth through religious beliefs and concepts as well as exposing church dogma; revealing all things that are hidden from society. In the sign of Sagittarius, we discover someone who can be restless and who remains free in spirit to pursue the truth as he rushes into finding the answers. He has reached the retirement stage in his evolutionary journey where he is driven to seek knowledge and explore the world.

What is Love to a Sagittarius Man?

Love to a Sagittarius man is something that must be discovered for him or it is lost forever. The Sagittarius man can seek a mate for all seasons as he is longing for a woman who will share in his daily adventures and be as free spirited as he is. He can be blinded by loves idealism and the chase or challenge of love, but he will only find it when he truly taps into his heart. The Sagittarius man is wild and free; seeking new adventures and knowledge everywhere he goes. He can be fiercely independent and restless in nature so he can have multiple partners if a relationship is not committed. He can be wounded deeply by the reality of love if he chooses not to follow his heart. The sign of Sagittarius represents the Archer who is curious and seeks to tempt fate in order to prove that man is stronger than nature itself. He exhibits positive attributes such as being optimistic, knowledgeable, a truth seeker, cheerful, enthusiastic, daring, and adventurous. He can also be reckless, careless, tactless, rude, and fickle.

In love, the Sagittarius man is extremely romantic, and his emotions can manifest in a heightened manner. He is affectionate and kind and can be over the top with his displays of affection and love. The Sagittarius man wants a playmate in a partner; a woman who will embark on adventures with him and share his optimistic view of life as a wild fun adventure. He is an intellectual philosophical type who can lose himself in the phantasm of life as he is the most adventurous and risk-taking astrological sign in the entire zodiac. The Sagittarius soul enjoys nurturing the relationship and celebrating it at the same time so he can display over the top gestures such as showering her with expensive gifts or scattering the bedroom with rose petals for special occasions to celebrate anniversaries. He is free of inhibitions and wants to liberate his partner from the status quo of having any sexual inhibitions.

Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes of the Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius is a friendly, fun-loving individual who has a playful side to him. He enjoys spending time with his partner and doing pleasurable activities together as he is very outgoing and adventurous. He believes in public displays of affection as long as it is not too open or overly sexual in nature. The Sagittarius man is the type who will hold hands with you in public or even kiss you but will not French kiss you around others or have sex in public. He is extremely sexual and fiery but also is cool and collective emotionally. He thinks about sex several times a day and prefers to have sex three to four times a week if possible. The Archer always has sex on his mind every day and can be preoccupied with the idea of sex.

The Sagittarius man is not the jealous or possessive type. He is open, honest, and forthright. When in love with a woman that catches his interest, he is not afraid to be affectionate and loving towards her. He is someone who expects the same love and respect in return from his partner and believes in honesty and being direct with one another. He believes that if both parties are honest with each other, why would there be jealousy? The Sagittarius man loves to be close and embrace his lover with hugs and kisses. He is in no rush though to be monogamous unless both are honest and loyal and agree to a permanent committed relationship. The Sagittarius man can have several partners if they both agree to having an open relationship, but he is always open to only being with one woman if she is trustworthy and honest.

What Qualities Does the Sagittarius Man Look For in a Woman?

The Sagittarius man appreciates and is most attracted to a woman who has a sunny, gentle disposition about them and will share an optimistic point of view about life like he does. He is attracted to a partner who embraces her own free-spirited nature and individuality and knows herself well. He likes when a woman takes care of her body and appearance and looks nice. The Sagittarius man loves a woman who has a nice athletic fit body with nice formed legs and lovely hips. He is turned on by short, leather skirts that exude her feminine legs and shows the gap between her legs and hips. For the Sagittarius man, it is both a strong combination of looks and personality as well as her mind and body. The Sagittarius man enjoys when a woman smells nice and is drawn to a woman's eyes and magnetism. He is intelligent and forthright so he loves when a woman is energetic, lively, free-spirited, and can share in intellectual, stimulating conversations. He wants a woman who will be optimistic and share his adventures with him and is open minded about religion and spirituality. He seeks someone who also embraces her truth and visions.

Sagittarius Turn-Ons:

  • Nice legs/hips
  • Athletic body
  • Energetic/lively
  • Free-spirited
  • Fun/adventurous
  • Gentle disposition
  • Intellectual conversationalist
  • Open-minded

Sagittarius Turn-Offs:

  • Loud/boisterous
  • Tries to be center of attention
  • Cynical/bitterness
  • Sour attitude
  • Crude language/profane mouth
  • Anti-intellectual
  • Overweight
  • Too conventional

Dating a Sagittarius Man:

When dating, the Sagittarius man is playful and loves when a woman can surprise him with tickets to a sporting event, a night out at the track or spending time at a casino. He is man that is a risk taker and can be a gambler with life at times. The Sagittarius man enjoys dining out at a restaurant and having an intellectual conversation or debate over dinner. He is exciting, spontaneous and loves to learn and gain knowledge with his partner.

The Sagittarius man enjoys the movies, amusement parks, double dates with friends, socializing, having fun at a sporting event, and anything that is exciting, new, and spontaneous. He loves to go out dancing or for drinks and learning about the other person. The Archer man is very flirtatious and will openly share his philosophical views of life and teach you things you may not even know about. He is a truth seeker and open-minded. The Sagittarius man enjoys when a woman is comfortable in her own skin and open with who she is and what she stands for in life. He is looking for a partner who can equally stimulate him with fun, intellectual conversation and having adventures together.

The Perfect Date:

The perfect date to a Sagittarius man is a night out that is full of adventure and possibility. He enjoys constant pleasure and excitement along with stimulation of the mind with new ideas and concepts. He loves dining out and taking walks on the beach while holding hands and watching the sunset. The Sagittarius man wants a free-spirited woman who embraces her truth and passions in life and is down to do anything fun or spontaneous. He loves to cook together at home or learn new concepts or activities as well as going to sporting events together. He enjoys amusement parks and taking long walks together in nature. He is the sign of traveling and exploration, so he will love to travel to foreign countries and learn about people and different cultures and religions with his chosen partner. He is very expansive and is the sign of higher learning and education, so he will always want to learn new things with his partner and will want her to embrace her truth and expand her worldly views. He is a spiritual man and connects with religion.

The Sagittarius man is liberating and a truth seeker and believes that when you truly love and care for someone, it is a feeling that the person was heaven sent. He believes this is the key to self-liberation and bonding with another’s soul.

Famous Sagittarius Men:

  • Brad Pitt
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Eugene Levy
  • John F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Ben Stiller
  • Jay-Z
  • Walt Disney
  • Steven Speilberg
  • Frank Sinatra

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