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Using the Moon's Phases to Determine Your Soul Journey by Psychic Ginger

Date 5/5/2023
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iOur journey in this life shapes and shifts every day. What we are doing right now matters and what we do next builds on what we want. It is all influenced by the past at the same time. By knowing what we desire we can gain deeper insights into what we are molding for ourselves. Knowing the moon’s phase you were born under gives us a little guidance in what we are working with and what we are moving towards.

Phases of the Moon

What Can We Learn From the Moon's Phases?

The moon's cycles and phases teach us our personal philosophies. It's how we fine tune our path. We come into direct contact with growing our instincts to know if something is working for or against us. Through our desires and wants we can spiritually plant, have our next chapters take root, and nurture and grow our goals. We can dig up things that are hurting us. Some even use moon phases to bury the things that have hurt them, this can be intentional, so it can be brought back to the surface later when they are ready.

We develop our inner beliefs based on what we have emotionally reacted to. When I was young, I was taught the various stages of the moon as seeing her fill up to full and then empty to the dark moon. When we are dealing with various things such as people, relationships, events, and projects, we are having to show up and pour parts of ourselves into the various phases of the work. Do you have something or someone that is causing chaos or issues with communication over and over again and nothing is getting better? Those things caught on repeat are showing us there are elements that we get a chance to change and work on to make the situations better. 

Phases of the Moon

Moon Phases and Your Soul Journey

The moon has a lunar cycle which gives us 29.5 days. During this time, we subconsciously focus on the inner realms we are each cultivating. It is the details of our lives: are we happy, disappointed, numb, or tired? It is how we can actively and spiritually alchemize who we are. Those feelings influence how we develop our goals and relationships.

When I started to explore the moon phases and personal charts, I realized there was a heavy influence on life and its compromises. That's not the only thing the moon influences but it's what caught my attention when we are working with the phase we were born in. As we ebb and flow, pull or push we are in general working with compromising or not compromising. There is a transfer/trade with everything we do. Depending on our level of “wanting to” our mood develops based on that. I noticed after we had the give and take our emotional state/mood can show us so much.

Emotions and the moon create a dance and we all have our own steps. For each phase I am going to roll out some of the emotional tones that may be present for us, how compromising may feel, and when things are an open channel, what that flow would look.

Phases of the Moon

What is Your Moon Phase?

I encourage you to use a moon phase calculator. Your date of birth, location and time of birth are important. Once you know the phase you were born in, let's dip into what that means.

New Moon Phase

If you are born during the New Moon Phase, you're the emotional engineer. You take in a lot, from how others feel to what they are trying to accomplish. It is because you listen and that sets you up to move through situations very quickly. At times, being aware can put you into fast-paced situations, where you have to be honest no matter what and the truth. This can cause others to be shocked by what you know, so our compromise here is being honest or staying silent in order to please people. Backpedaling on why you did what you did or said can cause a lot of stress too. With this phase we keep all the facts in front and try to give a heads-up in what we see.

Crescent Moon

Waxing Crescent Moon Phase

For those born during a Waxing Crescent Moon Phase, when it comes to getting something done the responsibility tends to make you look good. You don't mind stepping forward to take on responsibility. Making decisions, coming into the role that others depend on you for, those elements ground you. It is when we have too many things going on that our emotions can cause deep resentment. Compromise in this phase sneaks up on you because by the time it's too much, you have over committed. Time is our biggest challenge. Letting others know exactly what you can give can help with a lot of pressure and keep you focused. You don't want to go all in with a project or relationship and then have it make you look bad because the commitments we're not something you could give.

First Quarter Moon Phase

Under the First Quarter Moon Phase you enjoy questions. You might find yourself trying new things because it is just as interesting to see how it will work out. The problem there is getting caught up in “what if” situations, and we are not willing to see that the path we are on is moving too fast for us to catch all the details. The tide turns, and you compromise yourself in a way we originally didn't see coming. Others may not be listening to us as well. We are not getting the time needed to assess if what we are doing is making us happy. That all catches up to us eventually. The self-sacrifice can wear on you in a way that you question how you got to the emotional place you're in.

Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase

Progress feels good. There are so many layers of people born in the Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase, and they love exploring them. The inner world is colorful and draws you in. The ideas that come from them start out small, but they can quickly build them into a way to make sure everyone wins. They are a jack of all trades. But what happens when things are repetitive? That's where we have some inner doubts bubble up. When caught in doubt they can compromise with waiting. If there are repeated conversations or actions, they won't even try at a certain point because the doubt they are experiencing is showing them there is no next step. The progress is not there to feel good about.

Full Moon

Full Moon Phase

The Full Moon Phase is about what we can learn and then tell. As natural teachers, because everything they have learned is well-rounded, they get both sides of the story. These wonderful people provide insights and a very fluid outlook on what they know. As they grow as storytellers, they develop a unique sense of humor. Sometimes they can get too caught up in the stories. Compromise for this stage is dealing with reality. Time becomes really important to balance that out. If the story you're telling is not matching up with the results, just be ready to be accountable. You are not afraid of getting it a little wrong.

Waning Gibbous Moon Phase

Those born under the Waning Gibbous Moon Phase can honestly take learning from others to the next level. There is a strong influence with them that they do not have to experience certain situations to learn what they need. Communication is important. That is the whole of who they are, and it's how they make sense of everything. Being confused causes disruption. Compromising when you're confused to see how it will work out can cause a lot of inner conflict that comes out with being tense with others. It can push them into questioning others very quickly. They will also want to find other resources to help them understand what is going on. That can cause them to find new ways to trust what is happening. It is important to focus on what you can trust.

Quarter Moon

Last Quarter Moon Phase

The Last Quarter Moon Phase can be extremely ambitious as they take what works seriously. They also trust the interests they have. It's a really creative phase. Ultimately what they can control will matter most. They are learning that given the right timeline, they can control just about anything. This phase has a lingering “if I can't have this now, then there's always later” vibe. They are particularly good at making goals to meet their needs now and then go after what they really want later to make the bigger picture happen. This phase does not compromise, it redirects and changes course. The main drawback would be if you forget what you initially were working on to take care of things right now then your real desires surface later, and you may have to change paths completely.

Waning Crescent Moon Phase

Finally, roots are what really matters to those born under the Waning Crescent Moon Phase. The emotional balance, feeling good, is maintained in the familiar. Security comes from what we know, and we have to know it really well to want it. This phase gives us a secure way of managing the ins and outs. They provide great advice and consistency, but do not like being told they are wrong or forced to do something. If we need something, they have it or know someone who does. They won't necessarily lead outright, but they are a good example of how to lead. The compromise in this phase is dealing with others. You've made things better for yourself, so others may naturally want that for themselves through you.

As I mentioned before the Moon Phase we are born in is just our starting point, it is a lunar compass that just shows we are all on a journey to flow through all these phases. Knowing ourselves comes through what we are handling right now, knowing what we want. The enthusiasm we gain going into things we really like doing builds our lives up. When we get pulled through the challenges and face the different things we did not fully anticipate, this builds us as people and our moon phase is just another way of taking a look at what is swaying us. Our inner worlds help us express ourselves, it also helps us with major points such as jobs, marriage, and family. What do we prop up and what do we pull apart to reshape and make better? When we are dealing with a lot of stress and feelings, we can hit points where asking why is a natural redirection into what to change and challenge.

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