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Life on the Scorpio Sagittarius Cusp by Psychic Moira

Date 12/13/2021
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What is it like to be born during the Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp?

What is it like to be born during the Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp?

Throughout this series, I've addressed what it means to be born on the tipping point, the Cusp of two signs. You might be wondering what it means; are you both signs? The truth is we are only one Sun Sign, but when your birth date falls very near the first day of any sign, you were born on the Cusp.

For instance, you may have been born at the time of the Sun's move into Sagittarius - and you identify as such. However, you could have compelling influences from Scorpio. The Moon, Mercury, and Venus travel near the Sun, so there's a definite probability you could have the Sun in Sagittarius and one or more personality planets influenced by Scorpio. 

Scorpio and Sagittarius: The Cusp of Revolution - November 19 - 24

Merging the emotionally deep, intuitive, and resourceful Scorpio energy with the spontaneous, outwardly focused, adventure-loving Sagittarius vibration establishes a deep need for self-awareness and the capacity to bring about change. 

The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp connects an unusual blend of opposites, fixed water, and mutable fire. Those born on the Cusp of Revolution draw energy from Scorpio's watery, intuitive depths and the fiery, adventure-loving nature of Sagittarius. Influenced by an intense combination of the eighth and ninth houses of the Zodiac, the Cusp of revolution informs the area of marriage and partnerships, regeneration and rebirth, the higher mind, and world travel. 

Those who are born on the Cusp of Revolution are wise and full of wonder. They are fiercely intelligent, at times brooding, but pulled up from the darkness by their persuasive optimism. They are fully conscious that they are very different from other people, and they may feel lonely in a crowd due to their uncommon abilities and a strong drive to succeed, which often dates from their childhood years. 

A degree of wildness and a natural sense of adventure can lead them from one partner to another, resisting commitment to a single deep relationship in early life. They need new experiences like others need air, and they enjoy engaging ideas. Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp individuals love meeting people, and a jealous or insecure partner makes them want to run. 

Goal-oriented and determined, they consistently plan for the future; they dream, build, and manifest their unique ideas to fulfillment. 

Ruler: Pluto / Jupiter

Symbol:  The Scorpion / The Archer

Element:  Water / Fire

Expression: Fixed / Mutable

Your Strengths:

  • Quick to laugh, readily delighting your friends, and disarming your adversaries with your brilliant sense of humor.
  • Possess undeniable charm, easy-going, and well-meaning. You are quick to forgive, and although you don't forget a slight, you are remarkably loyal to your friends.
  • A natural team player - you treat business associates like family. You're most successful when you feel emotionally connected to others.  

Your Vulnerabilities:

  • Your rapier-sharp wit has the potential to degrade, scattering sarcasm and disdain, disabling your enemies, and putting your supporters off balance.
  • Your intrinsic disdain for bourgeois small-mindedness and middle-of-the-road policies sees you pursuing extremes—many born on this Cusp overindulge in excess in more than one area of their lives.

Scorpio -Sagittarius Cusp natives strive to practice rigorous honesty.  Always seeking the moral high ground, even when you don't measure up to your high standard, you value, above all else, truthfulness. 

Happy Birthday Cusp of Revolution! 

Thanks for reading. I'm so glad we're on this journey together. - Moira



The Tipping Point - Life on the Cusp

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In-house Astrologer Moira writes the weekly Love Horoscopes for Psychic Source. Formally educated in psychology and theatre, She's also a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master.

A professional Astrologer since 1986, Moira considers herself to be lifelong student of the esoteric arts. She travels extensively, leading workshops centered on soul-mate astrology, past life exploration, and psychic development.

Her passion is helping others find clarity and connect with their potential and purpose. When not working with Psychic Source customers, Moira volunteers with her local animal rescue group.


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