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Gay Astrology: Compatibility, Traits, Gay Zodiac Signs and Love Matches

Date 6/22/2023
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Gay Astrology 1

Men who love men and partner with men. The perfect combination of art & war; blossom soft yet sturdy and proud as the Roman eagle. As rich with texture, color, and electricity as this world is, whether you are a fledgling, serial hunter, or salty partners wanting a reboot to transcend the seven-year-itch, navigating “relationship land” is as clear as mud. So many aspects, and attitudes, attributes, and impulses out of the blue. Deserts, too. Yet lending a little trust to the ancient Luminaries above we might turn our road-mapping attention to astrology for helpful clarity and insight.

The best place to start is with a brief gay astrology compatibility cipher, a list of attributes and aspects assigned to each sun sign. Your sun sign is the position of the Sun in the sky at the time of your birth.

Astrological Significance of Black Moon Lilith and The Lunar Apogee for Gay Men

In an Astrological birth chart Lilith represents the Lunar movement from Apogee (Moon is farthest away from the Earth) to Perigee (Moon is closest to the Earth), and everything else along the elliptical trajectory in between. Lilith also represents the border zone where spirituality and sexuality meet and invigorate each other. In Astrology, one’s Lunar Apogee (Black Moon Lilith) represents those aspects that come to the surface when we are being naughty or crossing-the-line. Hence, when using astrology to gain insight into a relationship, or a prospective relationship, knowing the sign in which your Black Moon Lilith or your lover’s BML is expressed is so very helpful. Your BML is not the same as your Sun sign. For example, my Sun sign is Taurus and my BML is in Cancer.

To determine your BML you need an ephemeris, a calculator, or call an astrology reader on Psychic Source with the birth time and date and location.


Click or tap here to see a list of our available astrology readers.


Once you know your BML, we've provided information about your BML in the individualized sections below.

12 Gay Zodiac Signs by their Elements:

Air Signs:

Fire Signs:

Water Signs:

Earth Signs:

Gay Horoscope Compatibility

Gay Astrology 8

Aries (March 21 through April 19)

Aries Element Aries Ruling Planet Aries Zodiac Symbol
Fire Mars Ram
Aries Crystal Aries Erogenous Zones Aries Modality
Garnet Head, Face Cardinal

Aries Zodiac Sign

The Aries man is fearless, sometimes reckless (anything to win). Fortune favors the brave, and Aries men do too! The Aries man is loyal yet cavemannish when he blows his stack. He won’t apologize for his anger, but sure as heck he will try to improve. The Aries man is always improving, you are not going to stop him from growing, developing, and expanding.

The Aries man has discovered his “inner-daddy” early on, in most cases, and has no problems being bossy. Whether in fortune or struggle the Aries man is absolutely the control queen. This man is the proverbial pure heart in the world and wants to make his own way on his own terms. Mr. Aries is a rare breed, and he knows it. Better dress sharp to catch this sugar-daddy.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius naturally soar when partnered with Aries, especially when involved in a long-term relationship. Any other sign? If you are willing to give up being right for being happy, then you have a great chance.

Black Moon Lilith in Aries:  For a man with Black Moon Lilith in Aries we are talking about a go-getter and a freedom fighter with overflowing passion and sensuality. An easily provocable personality. Someone who has learned about sexuality and sensuality from an early age. A gentleman who from time to time was voyeuristic. This is someone who will throw themselves at their object of affection. On days when discipline is waning, fidelity could be suspect.

Read more about the qualities of the Aries man with our comprehensive Aries Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 7

Taurus (April 20 through May 20)

Taurus Element Taurus Ruling Planet Taurus Zodiac Symbol
Earth Venus Bull
Taurus Crystals Taurus Erogenous Zone Taurus Modality
Emerald, Sapphire  Neck Fixed

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Steady, sturdy, lumbering Taurus man. Fiercely loyal or stubborn as hell? It depends. Ferdinand the bull or the archetypal hermit/Gandalf the Gray type. That depends on the presence of money, food, sex, and quietude. In that order. If one of the prerequisites is missing, or lacking, then we must quest to Middle-earth. Although the Taurus man’s tastes are refined (Venusian), nothing but the best will do, and laziness can arise. Regardless, the Taurus man will tend to make a beeline for big money, the best food, the best sex, and the luxury of not having to answer to anybody.

The Taurus man is grounded, logical, and a grump when confronted with unannounced change. Grumpiness aside, the Taurus man is truly built from hardy (and hearty) peasant stock: the Taurus man can absolutely go on forever. A stamina king. They never feel fatigued. They are like machines. And obstacles stand no chance because the Taurus man is already prepared for every contingency or will simply wear down the resistance by never quitting.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, and Scorpio naturally soar with Taurus in committed relationships, long or short. Beware of crazy and intense sexual chemistry.

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus: Our gentleman with BML in Taurus is going to have an excessive side. This man will be excessive about accumulating those things Taureans often view as sensual: Money, sex, and food. With a Black Moon Lilith in Taurus watch for this dude to get downright possessive. Not like a hoarder type of possessiveness where the rest of his life becomes unmanageable. What we mean is this fella will alter his relationship style to include more and more sex, food, and money, and then the fetish for such things fills every room and activity as lavishly as possible. Your man with a BML in Taurus…you are going to have to spoil him, and that is still not nearly enough. Think of Varuca Salt from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

Read more about the qualities of the Taurus man with our comprehensive Taurus Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 14

Gemini (May 21 through June 20)

Gemini Element Gemini Ruling Planet Gemini Zodiac Symbol
Air Mercury Twins
Gemini Crystals Gemini Erogenous Zones Gemini Modality
Alexandrite, Moonstone, Pearl Hands, Arms Mutable

Gemini Zodiac Sign

Remember Donna Reed from the Donna Reed show? She loved company. Had to have company. The dinner party, birthday party, ice cream social. That’s right! Our Gemini lover-man is truly the hostess with the mostess. Hence, if your man is Gemini, he needs company, and he needs to party. Not in a needy sense of lacking purpose unless he has a bear on his arm, but more along the lines of his batteries recharging best during involvement with people.

As a mutable sign, Mr. Handsome Gemini Disco Queen is the epitome of one who has rolled with the beasts, soared with the angels, and danced with everyone in between. The chameleon who can talk to a wall and sound both interested and interesting; the know-it-all who sounds like a learn-it-all, and his majesty can turn any argument into flirting.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: The most compatible signs with Gemini are generally considered to be Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. If you are a Pisces, and Mr. Gemini is your gorgeous king of choice, better get yourself a freak on the side because anything long-term between you and Mr. Gemini will be as stable as a flock of pigeons in a tornado.

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini: Your stud with Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is truly the unattainable feast. He will promise what he knows he will not fulfill. Yet he will always look good, because when he looks good, he feels good and gets looked at.

He’s not a player type, because he seldom goes beyond being chased and fawned over, nor will he be caught. His real prize is the act of you pursuing him as if he is the prize. His pride feeds off your hunter antics to win him. He is the window-shopper who views the most elegant things, but never buys even though he has plenty of money; he feeds off the rush of knowing he can have it if he wants.

There is a certain misdirection here that must be noted: Mr. BML in Gemini will certainly speak, charm, and woo you as if he was the hunter. But this is an illusion. He is merely looking for that special moment when you are clearly into him, when he has “won” you, then he will be on his way. He doesn’t want you, he wants to feed his pride the prime rib of your unbridled enthusiasm for him.

Read more about the qualities of the Gemini man with our comprehensive Gemini Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 9

Cancer (June 21 through July 22)

Cancer Element Cancer Ruling Planet Cancer Zodiac Symbol
Water Moon Crab
Cancer Crystals Cancer Erogenous Zone Cancer Modality
Opal, Moonstone, Pearl  Chest Cardinal

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Ahh. Many kings on this planet want a daddy. A strong and sturdy protector-provider with a purpose. And if this is you, and you are trying to match-up with a Cancer man, you are barking up the wrong tree. Now, if matching-up with a mommy is what you are after, Cancer man is likely the right fit. Nurturing, loving, ritualistic, tender, and super-sturdy in dealings outside the home. Tough on the outside, warm and cooperative (soft) on the inside (just like a crab).

Is it true that Mr. Cancer is moody? Not really. Supermoody? Hell yes!! Supermoody is actually quite easy to work with and will make your motherly lover a true joy to be with. Just as astronomers have broken down the cycles of the moon into four phases, you will make short work of breaking down your Cancer queen’s mood-phases into four styles and four remedies should there be a meltdown. 

They are as follows: 1. chocolate, 2. a clothing subscription, 3. a wireless charging stand for all electronic devices (no messy cords), and 4. designer luggage (a set for big trips and a set for weekend-sized getaways).

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: The most exhilarating matchups with Cancer men are generally considered to be Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. 

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer: Each of us have two types of families. The family we are born into. And the family we gather around us along the way. For our gentleman with BML in Cancer there is a prominent need to make his own family as opposed to investing into the bonds he was born into. In fact, a discernable distance will become apparent between him and his blood relatives; the kind of distance he created on purpose, and those he met along the way will often be more dear to him than the kin with whom he is related by blood.

Additionally, it has been said many times that those with a BML in Cancer will sometimes express their sexuality and sensuality through daydreams. Makes you wonder how many authors of erotica (literature or film) have a Black Moon Lilith in Cancer.

Read more about the qualities of the Cancer man with our comprehensive Cancer Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 5

Leo (July 23 through August 22)

Leo Element Leo Ruling Planet Leo Zodiac Symbol
Fire The Sun Lion
Leo Crystals Leo Erogenous Zone Leo Modality
Ruby, Sardonyx Back Fixed

Leo Zodiac Sign

Gay men are the most beautiful stars. Movies stars. Superstars. Megastars. Even if they are not in show business, they are the stars that light the dark and endless skies with their sparkle. Yes, if your man is a Leo, he is his own number-one love.

Your king has integrity, passion, empathy for the downtrodden, and an intermittent penchant for vanity. Watch him lead with sparkle and pizzazz; watch close enough and you will see that this vanity is merely an outward expression of an unquenchable thirst to make the world a beautiful place.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: Time and time again I have learned of air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) being power couples for Leos.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo: The Miranda Rights tell us that anything we say or do can and will be used against us. Or something similar to that. You must remember this when dealing with a gentleman with his Black Moon Lilith in Leo. Keeping a mental list of things you have said and done so he has collateral to use against you later on is very Narcissistic. Absolutely. And so, too, will your BML in Leo gentleman be when the snakes are coming out of the basket. When this man is feeling edgy and insecure watch the USS Narcissus appear on the horizon, sails unfurled and canons ablaze.

Read more about the qualities of the Leo man with our comprehensive Leo Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 6

Virgo (August 23 through September 22)

Virgo Element Virgo Ruling Planet Virgo Zodiac Symbol
Earth Mercury Maiden
Virgo Crystal Virgo Erogenous Zone Virgo Modality
Sapphire Stomach Mutable

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Consider, if you will, the gorgeous librarian, the superb editor, the master of functional elegance and Feng Shui. Consider these roles and toss out the old ideas of workaholic and clean freak.

What you have with your Virgo man is Victorian-style elegance that has been mixed with the nervous energy of not being sure of being worthy of such majesty. A mix of Mercury and Venus; a mix of air and earth; pristine on the outside yet internally a committed denizen of both the physical world and the mental world.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: Your Virgo may seem hard to figure out, picky, and wanting all or nothing from you. He is not a perfectionist, as history tells us. He is a processor: he believes life is a process, the process of making the world as virginal and perfect as his astrological symbol. The most compatible signs with Virgo are generally considered to be Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo: This is your true ice queen. This is someone who has likely stifled their sexuality and sensuality for the sake of meditative asceticism or something similar. OCD and perfectionism? Oh, absolutely. And the passion and carnal desires will suffer for it, packed deep and controlled; without light and attention, they will have eventually withered.

What happens when things are controlled with such tight reigns, the emotional side of the relationship becomes rather transactional. Sort of like being bonded to a vending machine on an iceberg. Want some love? What you can have from your partner is a nicely packaged cookie or cracker… provided you have the correct change.

Read more about the qualities of the Virgo man with our comprehensive Virgo Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 13

Libra (September 23 through October 22)

Libra Element Libra Ruling Planet Libra Zodiac Symbol
Air Venus Scales
Libra Crystal Libra Erogenous Zones Libra Modality
Opal Lower Back, Butt Cardinal

Libra Zodiac Sign

Ruled by Venus, this Libra man is your man of balance, fairness, and charm. He is the diplomat and master conflict avoider. Partner with him and you bet clean communication will reign, as will his ability to see all sides of an issue. He is cerebral, and intuitive yet earthbound when faced with both calamity and calm. He will only get critical of you when your work-life balance is out of whack.

A Libra man can seem confusing at first, sort of like a bundle of opposites. They are simultaneously extroverted and introverted, strategic and spontaneous, focused and intuitive. Possessing equal amounts of opposites is how they balance, how they finesse the highest expression of diplomacy.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are matchups that soar when paired with a Libra.

Black Moon Lilith in Libra: Involved with a handsome gent whose Black Moon Lilith is in Libra? Okay. Better eat your Wheaties. Get your cardio up. You are going to need it. Not just sex, but physical beauty or giving great importance to the external aspect. Joy is expressed with sexual energy, both stimulating you and being stimulated by you. You need to look good, receive ravenously, and express physical affection with grace, aplomb, and stamina. No half-hearted quickies. Every giving and receiving of affection is going to be a reinvention of Michelangelo’s David masterpiece.

Similarly, over-dramatizing the sexual aspects of the relationship can come to the surface. This can translate into being too aggressive and/or using cynicism to hide vulnerability.

Read more about the qualities of the Libra man with our comprehensive Libra Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 4

Scorpio (October 23 through November 21)

Scorpio Element Scorpio Ruling Planet Scorpio Zodiac Symbol
Water Pluto Scorpion
Scorpio Crystal Scorpio Erogenous Zones Scorpio Modality
Malachite Genitalia Fixed

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

The Scorpio man is probably best suited for a career as a poltergeist. They are difficult people to get to know. Way down deep where dark things are kept, nightmares, fantasies, and secrets are where they keep the goods. They socialize from behind a double-sided mirror, always scanning, and reading you while you can only see your own reflection. This is a protective device, as is their ability to seduce, control, and be vengeful should you be unfortunate enough to light their fuse.

Scorpio men are fiercely loyal. When they do let you in, they want all or nothing. Scorpio men are notorious for being passionate. They evolve quickly in any relationship due to their fearlessness--that is, they will not shy away from “dark night of the soul” moments, and they certainly will not emerge empty-handed. When they soul search, they go deep.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: Scorpio men partner best with Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, and Virgo. Even though the Taurus-Scorpio combination can sometimes resemble the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, if you can handle the viscosity of emotion, you will find yourself with a true life partner.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio: Our gentleman with BML in Scorpio will pull you into trials. He will use the matchup as a vehicle for overcoming tests concerning passion, sexuality, and the ability to penetrate hidden mysteries. The Black Moon Lilith will push him to exert a great transforming power over you and the relationship and your activities.

A man with BML in Scorpio needs intense experiences. This is not a thrill seeker or adrenaline junkie type of need for intensity. Your man with BML in Scorpio is just trying to unveil mysteries and taboos that were imposed by culture, family, and history that probably have very little value in the contemporary. Debunking dinosaur etiquette.

Read more about the qualities of the Scorpio man with our comprehensive Scorpio Zodiac Sign Guide.




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 Gay Astrology 11

Sagittarius (November 22 through December 21)

Sagittarius Element Sagittarius Ruling Planet Sagittarius Zodiac Symbol
Fire Jupiter Archer
Sagittarius Crystal Sagittarius Erogenous Zones Sagittarius Modality
Turquoise Thighs, Hips Mutable

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Your Sagittarian man is ruled by the Lord of Fortune. Jupiter. This means he is a magnanimous lover both emotionally and physically. Nothing less. They are explorers of the human condition and are unafraid of change. Sagittarian men regularly question who they are, and touch base with their inner compass. As their partner you will experience them using the relationship as both a reflective and reflexive device for self-exploration.

Your Sagittarian man is both the fearless adventurer and the jaded critic (so get your thick skin ready), and has no problem believing and acting like the world is his playground (and that includes your body). Watch how they use their relationship with you as a mechanism for self-improvement. Be ready to talk, dig up the nitty gritty, and hash things out over and over.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: The most compatible signs with Sagittarius are generally considered to be Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius

The Beatles sang about how money "Can’t Buy Me Love." Tell that to a strapping fella with BML in Sagittarius. Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius mixes money with love. Anyone who has Lilith in Sagittarius can invest money to get emotional benefits. Even if the payment is for physical affection, the payoff is emotional: novelty excitement, newness, the rush of having something new.

These stories seldom end well. There are a variety of ways this dynamic will play out. It is the lust for novelty that drives this style. The easiest way to work with one who has a BML in Sagittarius, as you can probably guess, is to keep big adventures on the calendar. Steer clear of same-old-same-old patterns. Always be planning a new adventure.

Read more about the qualities of the Sagittarius man with our comprehensive Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 10

Capricorn (December 22 through January 19)

Capricorn Element Capricorn Ruling Planet Capricorn Zodiac Symbol
Earth Saturn Goat
Capricorn Crystals Capricorn Erogenous Zone Capricorn Modality
Garnet, Onyx Knees Cardinal

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Your Capricorn man became an adult at the age of five or six. Anything that involves emotion that may get in the way of his success, or distract from success in the slightest bit, gets zero attention from Mr. Capricorn. He will often get so absorbed in his own internal monologue that it becomes impossible to get him to look away from himself. Not a Narcissist, but he is a workaholic with pure integrity and clear understanding of his own moral compass.

His work really becomes the glue that holds the rest of his life together. What this means for you is that similar to how silica, opal, and quartz sediment will petrify fallen trees, so too will Mr. Capricorn’s workaholism petrify your beautiful relationship into something perfect in every way and about as exciting as a cardboard sandwich.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: Spock from Star Trek, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces have been found to be congruent and compatible matchups for Capricorn men.

Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn: A man with BML in Capricorn is often interpreted as cold, and shutdown. What happens is there is an intense sense of urgency to sublimate sexual urges, and seek exaltation from a deeper well. Solitude and introversion will deepen the inner landscapes. Often auto-eroticism prevails.

Additionally, business and pleasure form a natural union for those who have a Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn. Men with this placement are not only extremely attracted to those with power but they are turned on by the idea of combining their personal and professional lives. A power-couple!

Read more about the qualities of the Capricorn man with our comprehensive Capricorn Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 2

Aquarius (January 20 through February 18)

Aquarius Element Aquarius Ruling Planet Aquarius Zodiac Symbol
Air Uranus Water Bearer
Aquarius Crystal Aquarius Erogenous Zones Aquarius Modality
Garnet Ankles, Calves Fixed

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

If you love and believe conspiracy theories, you and Mr. Water-Bearer will fall in love quite easily. Mr. Aquarius is likely ahead of his time, and for this reason, will come off as purposely esoteric. A passionate dilettante, bohemian, armchair philosopher, and a big fan of tomorrow and the amazing things happening tomorrow. A futurist. A brilliant thinker who will mostly do great things.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: Not the biggest proponent of intimacy, however. Connecting with others using the heart and body as opposed to the mind and imagination is a skill set you might find to be a bit atrophied in our beautiful Aquarius man.

For this reason, number one on the list of WORST matches for our Aquarius is ambitious, goal-oriented, enigmatic Scorpio. If you are a loyal Taurus and a practical Virgo you will definitely pull your hair out while partnered up with an Aquarius. Gemini, Libra, and Aries are fantastic matches for our Aquarius king.

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius

The only thing that is constant is change itself! Ever hear that axiom? You bet. A gentleman with Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius will look for new erotic sensations in which fantasy plays an important role. I know it is an oxymoron, but sexuality manifests itself in the form of permanent change for this fella.

This is not another dude chasing the novelty. This is more about freedom. So what you will often see from a man with BML in Aquarius are long periods of promiscuity and long periods of abstinence. Their sexual instinct will mature into an anarchic creature that destroys taboos, fearless to experiment in varied ways.

Read more about the qualities of the Aquarius man with our comprehensive Aquarius Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Gay Astrology 12

Pisces (February 19 through March 20)

Pisces Element Pisces Ruling Planet Pisces Zodiac Symbol
Water Neptune Fish
Pisces Crystals Pisces Erogenous Zone Pisces Modality
Amethyst, Larimar  Feet Mutable

Pisces Zodiac Sign

The ability to heal and the power of imagination are closely associated with Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces. The various colors of character that indicate intuition, precognitive dreams, compassion, agelessness, the tendency to be the sad clown or the impromptu fortune teller on dark days are so strong and add to the pronounced verisimilitude in your Pisces man, and will certainly make him both your lover and your very own Glinda the Good Witch.

I have often felt that Pisces are undervalued and horribly weighed down by old ideas of anyone being Pisces as overly romantic, thin-skinned, and one who views everything as a “sign,” and when given the chance to be a total drama queen. All these ideas are untrue and seldom accurate.

The truth is that Pisces men understand that living their life like a romantic Opus Magnus is a superb mechanism for helping others see that reality and fantasy are neighbors on the same infinite plane.

Gay Astrology Love Compatibility: Pisces men are the real fairy godmothers we all reach for during times of turmoil and secretly try to surrender to during times of self-actualization. Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn are excellent matches for Pisces.

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces: If your lover man has a Black Moon Lilith in Pisces, you will probably feel like you have two men. Lucky you. The first man will be a fella who tries to use inexhaustible love and affection to transcend the physical and explore higher states of consciousness and mysticism. This type of drive coupled with a creative imagination is quite a ride and a very nurturing and healing recipe, not to mention an antecedent to higher states of awareness and Kundalini experiences.

The second man, however, who may not use creative imagination to overcome fears and insecurities will appear clingy and needy. Put this second man through a breakup, in a position where he feels dumped and rejected, he will become lovesick, threatening, and even going so far as blackmailing.

Read more about the qualities of the Pisces man with our comprehensive Pisces Zodiac Sign Guide.



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Kahlil Gibran wrote that “Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.” What he meant is that a healthy relationship introduces us and helps us surrender to the inexhaustible love already inside of us. Astrology shares the same purpose: introduce us and help us surrender to the inexhaustible love already inside of us. I hope they (love and Astrology) go hand-in-hand with you and your special man.

For more on LGBTQ Astrology, Psychic Narnia explores Lesbian Astrology Compatibility including traits, lesbian zodiac signs and love matches. 



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