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Loving an Aquarius Man

Date 3/30/2020
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How do you love an Aquarius Man?

How do you love an Aquarius Man?

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In the sign of Aquarius (born between January 20 and February 18), we have reached a point where the soul has acquired a humanitarian approach to life and is the truth seeker of the zodiac who is pouring out divine knowledge and wisdom to all of humanity. He is a soul rebel and determined to share his knowledge with the world and explore the unknown with excitement and enthusiasm for what he is yet to discover.

What is Love to an Aquarius Man?

The Aquarian Man is detached in love and is more focused on friendships than close intimate relationships. He is the pioneer and trail blazer of the zodiac, so he sets off on his own adventures independently and walks his own spiritual path. Personal and love relationships tend to suffer or be neglected as the Aquarius male relates to society as a whole rather than on a one to one basis. The Aquarius man is an old soul who is advanced intellectually and is stimulated more by the mind rather than the heart.

Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes of the Aquarius Man

The Aquarius Man enjoys and seeks out sensation and pleasure and sex is on his mind every day! He is sexually stimulated by the mind and intellect, so any type of verbal foreplay or intellectual conversation that piques his interest will get him all hot and heavy ready for bedtime play. He usually enjoys having sex 2-3 times per week and likes to start with intimate conversation or a little dirty talk before the actual engagement of sexual activity with his partner. He craves physical sensation and casual sex is fun for him, but he does not do well with intimate relationships.

The Aquarius man is charming and easy to get along with but can be slow in revealing how he feels towards his lover or partner and is in no rush to get married. Once the Aquarius man is committed to a woman, he does value the relationship and will work hard to make sure it is everlasting. On the other hand, it can be difficult for him to sustain a committed relationship if the sex life is not satisfactory.

What Qualities Does the Aquarius Man Look For in a Woman?

The Aquarius Man is most attracted to a woman who feels good about herself and shows it in her behavior. He respects a woman more when she has values and knows herself well. He is attracted to a woman who is involved in charity or humanitarian work and is contributing to society in some way for the better of mankind. The Aquarius man likes a dominant woman who believes in who she is and knows how to take charge in life. He enjoys good looks and a physically fit body type but what is more important to him is that she values herself.

Aquarius Turn-Ons:

- Mental stimulation/intellectual conversation
- Sound of her voice
- Being truthful/values
- Good manners/behavior
- Good looks/physically fit
- Sense of humor and intelligence
- Honesty
- Fun/exciting/likes to try new things
- Most attracted to the eyes
- Good energy/positive/spiritual
- Cares about his family

Aquarius Turn-Offs:

- Lack of confidence
- Narrow mindedness
- Lack of curiosity
- Vulgar in speech/action
- Smoker or unclean
- Sarcasm/hostile or negative
- Ignorant/rude or uneducated
- Bad energy, being insulting, mind games

Dating an Aquarius Man:

The Aquarius man does best in groups where he can talk to a lot of people. He enjoys being social and mentally stimulated, so he is not easy to get close to but is perfect for going out with many friends and social gatherings. He enjoys going out on active dates or spending time alone with his partner and sharing a meal at home. The Aquarius man enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, fishing, and biking. The theater and movies interest him as well so a quiet dinner and a movie would be very enjoyable for him with his partner.

The Perfect Date:

A perfect date for the Aquarius Man is anything from being outdoors in nature to going to the beach or having a nice home cooked meal while watching a movie together at home. He enjoys intellectual conversations with his lover and trying new things that he has never done before. He is a true adventurer and loves to explore unknown territory whether its walking around the city, traveling to other countries, or simply bedroom activities that further his exploration skills.

Famous Aquarius Men:

- James Dean
- Paul Newman
- Matt Dillon
- Elijah Wood
- Ashton Kutcher
- Seal
- Bob Marley
- John Travolta
- John Belushi
- Robbie Williams
- Michael Jordan
- Justin Timberlake

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